A question for Benedict players

Ok a few questions. One, does anyone else have the issue of changing direction with a mouse while flying? Kinda like a glitchy thing where it keeps trying to straighten you?

And second more important, the reload cancel that I’ve heard so much about. I saw a post here, but I still can’t quite figure it out. By all means if you think its a cheese feel free to not help me out. Else ,aybe do? :stuck_out_tongue: . I play on a PC and maybe my attack reload timing is off? Love the character trying to finish his lore :slight_smile:

you can turn as gliding if you want to do a sharper turn stop the glide turn and re glide
you just need to find the right rhythm of reload and fire

I don’t do it personally, but i think you just tap reload and then pull the trigger the second the rocket gets put in the launcher, just keep messing with it really (don’t use a mouse so dunno bout the other one)