A question for devs

So, is there a log or a list or a readme with 1.2 changes to the classic Homeworld 2?

Curious what was changed from the 1.1 version.



Link? Word?

(Following the link from the main update announcement)

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Thanks for the link, but I’m not asking about HWR patch. I am asking on what was changed between classic HW2 v1.1 and classic HW2 v1.2, which shipped with HWR.

Yeah, sorry, but those are the only patch notes I’ve seen. This suggests that any changes are to do with the launcher, or very minor changes. Just my guess.

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That’s not what he’s talking about.

Homeworld 2’s last original patch was v1.1. The version included with the remastered collection is v1.2. He’s asking what changed between versions.

Christ, my brain sucks sometimes.

Just ignore me.

Quick answer is that everything probably changed in some fashion or other. Being that HW2RM is v1.2