A question for the Devs: What glimmered most?

(Multi-Capsed Relic) #1

What bit about the original engines, either or or both, Impressed your the most. I am more inkling toward the internals since everyone has already voiced awe for the graphical audio assets. HW 1 for example is nearly a paleontological piece considering it came out of an entirely different era of coding.

(Major Stress) #2

LOL This should be interesting, because i always said computers, and hardware from the Homeworld era belong in a Museum, or placed on shelves as industrial art.

(Lukyhre) #3

Really look forward to see a devblog, or something, about you people scouting and modifying the games’ original code. Sorta like the guys from the Age Of Empires II “remaster” did. It would be a extremely interesting read ! :blush: