A question for those upset with the recent nerfs

What nerfs do you think impacted your gameplay/builds the most with this most recent hotfix. Additionally, how do you plan to adapt to these changes?

Personally, I have no big issues with any of the nerfs; nevertheless, I am interested in hearing from the rest of the community.


I honestly think I can still make the hex work for how I use it. I just wish they hadn’t hit the Flakker so hard.


Just posted a thread on the Flakker with Amara that might be worth a read. It is definitely nerfed but it might not be as bad as the community is making it out to be.


So far Flakker RIP. All three are sitting in my storage hoping that one day it’ll be worth using again.

Hmm, good to know. I just started playing Amara, so I’ll keep this in mind! Cheers!

I only really object to the way they nerfed the Flakker. Made it so Moze - the splash and ammo regen specialist - doesn’t want to use a gun where high ammo consumption and high splash is the freaking point of the weapon.

To be 100% clear: I don’t object to nerfing the Flakker in theory -it was definitely OP and needed a bit of balancing - but making it use the whole mag was a stupid, player-punishing way to do so.

Again, the nerf isn’t wrong in principle, but the way they did it makes no sense to me.


Moze infinite Flakker is exactly the same as it was pre patch - maybe even better. Doesnt use any ammo at all now lmao.

u wot m8


It’s apparently still bugged. It still consumes 5 ammo even though it’s a 1 ammo mag.

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Yeah the devs are aware and are (hopefully) going to fix it by next week :slight_smile:

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Yah, I highly suggest people watch their twitch streams. They go over the reasons for the nerfs and the direction they want to take the game.

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That is a fair point. I haven’t yet tried it on my Moze, but I can understand how it is now anti-synergistic for her now. I believe that it can still work fairly well on other characters though if you read my thread for Amara: Flakker testing on Amara

Yeah listening to them discuss the things that they are working on makes me very excited for the future of the game

So wait, they tell us in the patch notes that it consumes the whole mag…but it doesn’t actually do that? Because that part of the nerf is bugged?

Am I reading this right?

If so, then Gearbox, you have earned the rare and beautiful double facepalm.

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It does but because of moze being moze you instantly get the ammo back into the mag

also the mag size is now 1 so youre basically always at full ammo when youre moze


I think the Flakker was over nerfed…but honestly…I never really used it anyhow. I just had it equipped because it’s a Flakker…there’s better options for splash damage.

Consuming ammo from your bag is awful and makes the weapon not good. If it’s a 1 shot reload then either have the clip be 5 rounds or 1 round with 1 ammo used per shot.

Something’s gotta give…

As for the HEX grenades…they killed cryo hex grenades. They’re kinda bad now. They probably need to be balanced all on their own.

And finally…why the flying hell did they nerf Rain Firestorm? That grenade is soooo situational…You need enough room overhead for it to even work properly…and it’s damage while good, wasn’t amazing. It just looked cool…

Those are my only complaints.

Oh. And why the hell did the Jericho get buffed again? Somebody on the dev team has a serious hard on for that gun…and I love it! haha. Picked mine up from the end of game Firehawk chest and it was my go to launcher until last night, when I replaced it with an Annexed Jericho.

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With regards to the flakker, I can understand the complaints, however, I just posted a nice thread on it with regards to Amara you might want to check out: Flakker testing on Amara
Also, they do intent to fix it so that it only consumes 1 ammo per shot. Not sure how they didn’t catch that before dropping the hotfix, nevertheless, the guy in charge of combat has stated that it should only consume 1 ammo per shot and is looking into it.

I haven’t used the hex yet, but will test it out soon and see how it performs.

I too, am sad about the nerf to the rain firestorm, however, I believe that most grenades need a buff in this game and so hopefully they will buff it later on.

since the end of day one of bdl2, ive been using the flakker, while everyone else was dpuh and conference calling it up, i stuck with the flakker. it has always been my favorite weapon, and when i got one at the end of day 2 of bdl3 i was super happy it was just as good as it always was. that happiness was shortly squashed when it was also seemingly the best shot gun in bdl3, because that meant there was no better shotguns better designed for the other classes.

the flakker should have a 5 magazine, the damage nerf is good. the reason i say this is because it is one gun that is perfectly designed for moze, and moze should be using it. with 5 mag size, and the new damage it makes it still good ish, but once moze invests in skills from 2 of her trees she could improve the shot count per reload, improve the damage, and this makes it great for her.

with a 5 shot mag, and the new damage, most other classes wont just use it cause its the best even though most of them don’t have the skills required to make this gun so powerful, and they shouldn’t, they should be finding guns that specifically works best with their skill trees. (i believe fl4k uses lyuda for this reason?). (tsunami works very well with 2 trees of the siren).

even though i couldn’t convince anyone that flakker was a great gun during bdl2, i am not that upset with the nerf of it here. i just wish they would have considered how it is supposed to work with moze, and adjusted it in a way she could make the best of it without the other classes seeing it as their best option.

(side note; ive also only mained the soldier classes for the last 10ish years of bdl. and feal like moze is the best one of them.

thanks for listening. Gorghandi.


Just for context on the Flakker, consuming ammo from the backpack is an engine hold over from Bl2. Any weapon that consumed more ammo per shot than you had in the mag directly drained from your backpack. Keeping this in mind and having seen Kao’s response on stream when it was brought up I believe they overlooked the engines default behaviour.


Lol, epic fail, just goes to show they do not test anything

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I don’t use Amara, I know it’s not bad. It just needs to use 1 ammo per shot. That imo makes the nerf reasonable.

I have both a cryo and rad recurring hex. The rad one is still a beastly grenade, good damage, stupid amounts of ticks for Moze to regen ammo off of.

The cryo however, is now a total POS. Cryo doesn’t really do damage, it just freezes and slows so with the 70% damage nerf on the grenade itself…it’s basically not good.

You’re better off using a Storm Front, even if it’s not as good as Recurring Hex just because cryo is such a ■■■■■■ element type for damage.

The Firestorm didn’t deserve the nerf. It was a well balanced grenade that couldn’t be used in a lot of locations but had high damage to compensate for it’s lack of flexibility. It was definitely the weakest of the 3 best Grenades (recurring hex, Storm Front and Rain Firestorm).