A question/observation about Super Badass Constructors, Super Badass Loaders

Are either of these capable of dropping legendary items? I have played 1500+ hours of BL2, across 7 or 8 different characters and have never seen either of these enemies ever drop a legendary item, of any kind. So, are they hard-coded not to drop orange loot or am i encountering really bizarre RNG?

Every enemy is able to do so. However, this kind of enemies don’t have any Legendaries (or those that count as Legendary) assigned to them meaning the only Legendaries they could drop are entirely random. In Normal and TVHM the chance of any randomly dropped gear (that isn’t restricted in any way) to become Legendary is 1:3333~ (thanks to the hotfix tripling Legendary drop rate). It’s probably higher in UVHM but we don’t by how much (on top of being able to drop Pearlescent weapons, the first eight of them).
So it’s perfectly normal that they don’t drop anything even after thousands of hours as you don’t kill them that often. I’ve seen some people receiving a Legendary from a Super Badass Loader before.

So it’s pretty much awful, pre-patch RNG to blame? I see. lol

I even once got a Conference Call from a small spiderant. In NORMAL mode!