A question related to Revenge of the cartel

Hi all,

New player here, finally picked up BL 3 and started the main story, up to chapter 18 now, at level 40, and I get a hell of a time.

The only thing though is I have ran RoC 6-7 times during my playthrough, love the mansion and the fact that it is an absolute loot pinata.

However, It seems to render all the rest of the loot obsolete quite easily. When I look at the O.P.Q. assault rifle or the Yellowcake rocket launcher, those things are miles ahead of any loot I get in the regular campaign. Is it supposed to be that way, is there any guns in the main campaign that rival those 2 guns?

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Long story short, no, at least not at this time. They are working on rebalancing other weapons to match Cartel weapons more closely. But if you’re playing through the campaign leveling, there should be a healthy list if viable weapons.

What character are you playing?

More like other way, but yeah some balance changes will be added next week.

As long as they reduce enemy health above M7, those nerfs won’t be felt.

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Well Gearbox makes new weapons really strong in general just in order to dump them on a later occasion this is a marketing strategy in order to keep players interested and pulling new players in certain new contents.

Whenever there is a new DLC next one just around the corner there will be some new op weapons that will get weak over time.

Such a bad system to keep players engaged especially with all the level cap raises and so on.

Sorry i don’t want to make this a talk about balancing but your question gets really into this topic cause this is a problem in general with BL3.


There are, but most people don’t bother to look after getting these two guns, which is quite easy to do when you run the event. Most (but not all) of the Mayhem 6+ exclusive weapons are excellent.

At level 40, I’m afraid he is gonna have a helluva time getting M6 weapons. Not saying it’s impossible, but that’s 17 skill points they will be down with very low GR.

My best advice would be the Lob, Krakatoa and Night Hawkin from the base game. If you have DLC, Nukem(Moxxi DLC), or pretty much any of the legendaries from GLT(mostly Jakob’s).

I’m afraid that there aren’t many options compared to the ridiculousness of O.P.Q. and Cheese Cake ATM.

Unfortunately, as others have said, the OPQ and Yellowcake are in a league of their own. They were introduced with end game mayhem in mind and are very poorly scaled for normal mode first play throughs. Other weapons have also suffered in this regard, the lob being a big one. They were buffed to be more viable for end game and wind up being vastly overpowered in normal mode.

It’s a bad balancing act currently. The only way to make things worth using at end game is to break them for new play through since the scaling is so wacky right now.

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