A quick question

I have been farming the armory first time for a while now and still seeing gear 50-60 but hardly anything past that. So I’ve done some Google searching and found out there’s follow up missions called Marcus market sweep and another called It’s like Christmas I was wondering are these missions bugged to farm or will they work like the first initial run? As well as if you can, then does the level of the gear found in the armory increase? Any answers would be appreciated.

You can do the armory glitch during any of these missions. The enemies loot should scale to your level as soon as you turn in Loot Larceny.

Yhup, they work just as well, chest gear scaled to your level.

If you’re in a position where you can’t fix a mission if it gets screwed up, stick to Market Sweep(or whatever the 1st one is called) juuuuuust in case some rando comes in and walks through the elevator. Then you can get somebody to help you through that mission and still use It’s Like Christmas after.

Oh, and the two missions act the same, if that wasn’t clear.

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