A Quick & Sad Battleborn Anecdote


Was talking with a school buddy as we waited for the train after school.

Got onto the subject of games.

I told him I was going to start playing Titansfall 2 this weekend, he said cool, the first one was awesome.

He told me he was playing the new Battlefield, I told him I had heard good things.

I told him the main game I’ve been playing for the last while was Battleborn.

He said what’s that.

I said oh have you heard of Overwatch?

He said, oh yeah I own that! Most innovative new team shooter in a while, awesome game!

And that’s it.

That’s the joke.

Poor, poor Battleborn.


Overwatch ain’t bad but this really hurts. No more, please.



It is indeed not that bad (Overwatch).

But for an avid gamer to not have even HEARD of BB?


This is what bugged me more… it’s not innovative, it’s Team Fortress 2 as done by Blizzard. Blizzard and TF2 fans I know like @KrewlraiN were saying so during the OW beta… sigh.


Touching story.

But not tragic enough.

I would add a few sentences about suicide by drowning or jump off the closest bridge. You can fit the word Battleborn somewhere in between those words or sentences and see if it will bring tears to your eyes.

Of course, you could achieve the exact same experience by sticking a nail to your eyeball.


It’s literally just TF2 with heroes instead of hats. (I find your friend being an avid gamer doubtful. Simply because TF2 is one of the biggest games out her in the market, and he said OW is innovative. Ironic because OW almost directly copied Global Agenda, which easy produced by Hi Rez. Then, when Paladins camebout, everyone said they copied OW, when they both copied the same thing, which HI Rez already owned. And ofc, TF2 style)

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Your slightly macabre point of view is a surprisingly refreshing breath of air. :acmaffirmative:

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This forum was too positive lately; it needed a cynical touch.

I was gone for a while since Battleborn was boring me, but I’m back to see if anything good had blossomed during my brief absence.

I soon came to discover that some things have gone worse, the good aspects didn’t get much better.


You and Kitru left, which means the most fairly critical of Gearbox (in a fashion that actually critiques rather than just saying “Game dead bai”) disappeared. You’ve both returned, so we should be at a(n un?) happy equilibrium again.

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We were the only 2 people here that were “fairly critical” (using your words here) of Gearbox? At least we were two that hung around long enough consistently…

Kitru went off to do his own thing earlier than I did. Kinda funny that we don’t hang out or chat when we share similar opinions over the state of this game.

I stopped commenting here because none of the official Battleplans were telling me anything I wanted/needed to hear about going forward. I had some pretty funny monologues in my head I wanted to write before tearing each Battleplan into shreds, yet the reality of the state of the game was too, what’s the word, depressing.

With the whole Evolve F2P shutting down, this should erase any hopes of F2P being the saviour of everything.



I heard that Evolve F2P wasn’t shutting down, just that there would no longer be any new content or support for it.

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Yep, you guys were the main ones who had well written dissertations of the games failures. And yes, I don’t think f2p has ever been the answer, and I’m hoping the trial will change things. Cuz while the game has many flaws, it also has many interesting facets, but with the matchmaking it just looks muddy, so hopefully it can start doing better then. I’ve kways thought it’s matchmaking was it’s most impatcful problem, while the others are bad but not so off putting

While that is correct, they wanted to make it ftp on consoles, but that was shut down. So he’s also correct

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Yeesh. Sad, but unsurprising. Battleborn didn’t get nearly as much publicity as it needed to.

Now calling Overwatch “innovative”, on the other hand, is quite the low blow.

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The developers are no longer producing content for it… nor able to provide support…

No one can spin this as a good thing.

It means the product is pretty much dead as the publisher no longer has faith in it -not even as an F2P. Because if there was any faith and hope in anything, work on it won’t simply cease.

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But people CAN still play it on PC with others if they are so inclined, right?

Perhaps they can. But their morale would be low and crushed.

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Says you…

So they keep on playing as a testament to 2K that there are a lot of people that still love the game in hopes they would reverse their decision?

I simply don’t see it happening.


OW? Innovative? For realsies? Is there more letters I can put on roflmao? Maybe csmp? (Crying and s******* my pants)

Overwatch is definetly some things alright. Fun? Yup. Shiny? Oh yeah. Simplistic? Certainly not overly complex. Fan servicey? You betcha. Innovative? Roflmaocsmp. People need to get over this pedestal that overwatch has been placed on. Acting like its sliced bread or minecraft or something…

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