A raid boss in team deathmatch

Please make it a thing :sunglasses:


It’s called “Face Off” if you avoid the masks, like most EVERYONE seems to do… :unamused:


Pretty sure the OP was being sarcastic and was secretly referring to Face Off

Or Maybe not? if so, that’s hilarious

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Well, actually, either way is hilarious, now that i think about it; but i’ve never seen the OP’s name before, and he IS just a cadet…

So, i figured that he was serious, and that the sunglasses are because he is blind from Caldarius.

Now i anxiously await to see if OP was being sarcastic or not.

ima put on glasses too while i wait :sunglasses:

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Even during that phase most EVERYONE avoids fighting the boss and just kills each other… :rolling_eyes:

Oh, my God, i KNOW, RIGHT?! I IMMEDIATELY put my back to the wall when the teleport is finished; let them dodge my railgun shots from downrange to make it towards me! I can still hit the boss and end the slaughter, too, that way.

I use it as an opportunity to kill whoever has a large amount of masks on the enemy team. If no one has any considerable amount of masks I just run around and collect them as they drop from the boss. Since I run a high movement speed load out for Face Off, I generally end up carrying masks for my team as no one can catch me to kill me and take them.

At that time, I had not played battleborn. I have played it now. I love it.