A random collection of ideas about Class Mods

Yeah, title says it all. There’s class mods that are useless, class mods that are close to being useful and class mods that are good but ultimately redundant. I wanna adress some of those.

Side note, since I mainly play Fl4k and Zane I’m probably gonna have more and better ideas for them and some of the things I say about Amara are possibly BS (also, not even gonna go into Moze. I know next to nothing about her COMs).


1: Critical Mass. New and frankly not very good. All it does is reload your gun for you on a crit kill. Reload, mind you, you aren’t getting any free ammo from it. My idea would be to add a bonus effect that provides a bunch of crit damage and possibly an extended magazine after getting a crit kill that lasts until you reload, meaning if you manage to keep on chaining crit kills you’ll get more value.

Skills aren’t particularily great either because they have bad synergy with the main effect. De Ja Vu is just redundant, Domino Effect provies reload speed which is also redundant and Playin’ Dirty, whilst a good skill, technically slightly reduces your odds of getting a crit kill because the bonus projectile typically is a bit off, meaning it could get a bodyshot and possibly steal what would have been a crit kill.

I’d say change them to Headman’s Hand, Man of Focus and either Eraser or Sheer Will.

2: Cold Warrior. It’s just not a good COM, I don’t know what else tell you. Change the main effect to basically the Icebreaker Artifact. Bonus cryo efficiency and bonus damage against frozen targets. Swap out Synchronicity and Ready for Action in exchange for Brain Freeze and Calm Cool Collected.

3: Antifreeze. Not a horrible COM in concept but also just not that great. Change the damage bonuses on the COM to be multiplicative (that is to say, V2) instead of just gun damage, like the old anoint used to be and it’ll have some use.

4: Conductor: Add Effect “After killing an enemy the current bonus shock damage is doubled for a short period of time”. Change Adrenaline to Cold Bore.

5: Shockerator. When the Digi-Clone kills an enemy, Zane’s elemental damage is increased by 20% for 5 seconds and vice versa. When the Digi-Clone is destroyed it leaves a Shock Puddle. Enemies that touch the puddle have their shields disabled for 5 seconds (unless that enemy only has shield health or is a boss). Change skills to Donnybrook, Pocket Full of Grenades and allow it to roll with 1 point in Boom. Enhance (it’s the only Zane COM that directly affects the Clone so it might as well roll with skills that benefit it).

6: Techspert. On top of current primary effect, grant the Almighty Ordnance augment. If SNTL kills an enemy, it receives a 35% chance to reset Almighty Ordnance, making it usable again.
Change Skills to Trick of the Light (sounds weird but it benefits SNTL damage), Violent Violence and Supersonic Man.


1: Cmdlt. Bad Effect, bad skills. Change to: Whenever Fl4k kills an enemy, their pets gain 40% increased damage and movement speed. Whenever Fl4k’s pets attack an enemy, that enemy will be weakened, reducing their movement speed and increasing the damage Fl4k deals against them by 20%.
Change skills to Take This!, Throatripper and Agility Training.

2: Rakk Commander: Apart from granting an additional charge, also increase the amount of Rakks sent out by 2. Replace Ferocity and Eager to Impress with Frenzy and Furious Attack.

3: Tr4iner. Change the trigger condition to “When Fl4k’s pet scores a critical hit on an enemy, that enemy will be confused” since Fl4k’s pets cannot reliably kill. Enemies are no longer killed off at the end of the duration. Confused enemies benefit from all of Fl4k’s pet bonuses with the exception of those that increase survivability (no healing or additional damage resistance for dominated enemies). Replace Pack Tactics with Go For the Eyes.


1: Breaker. Damage reduction alone is just really meh. Instead, grant a chance of reflecting enemy projectiles whilst not taking damage from them based on distance.
The skills seem alright for it (not much of an Amara player though. Maybe some of the skills themselves could use an overhaul but the synergy is definitely there).

2: Deaths Blessings: The only thing I’d change about this skills is the activation since the whole blessed orb thing seems unreliable as a buff delivery system. Just skip that part. On Remnant Orb kill, you get the damage, bam.

3: Dragon. This one is just kind of weird to me. Generally speaking it seems needlessly quirky and kind of weird. I’d just replace it with: Whenever Amara kills an enemy with a melee attack, she has a 35% chance of fully resetting her action skill cooldown. The skills are alright, I guess.

4: Elementalist. Just not a good effect, really. Instead, maybe having something like “Amara’s elemental damage is increased by 35% whilst Phasegrasp is active” would make it more useful. The skills also don’t look to be too horrible.

5: Kensei: Now, from what I understand elemental melee is just not particularily useful, correct me if I’m wrong. Hence I would propose the admittedly cursed concept of “On action skill use, Amaras next 5 shots are converted into melee attacks” allowing them to benefit from various artifact effects, as well as certain ones of her skills. Turning any weapon into a Facepuncher might however be horrendously broken and it is possible that I’ve just suggested a horrendous abomination of a COM in which case I am sorry. The skills seem to be fine the way they are.

6: Nimbus. So… This Cloud thing doesn’t really do any interesting amount of damage, right (it doesn’t even scale with the COMs level, after all)? Like, all it’s really good for is applying dots which are gonna based on your guns elemental damage values. I’d suggest that the damage should either scale with Amara’s melee or AS damage so that it can actually deal meaningful amounts of damage on Mayhem. Got nothing to say about the skills.

7: Stone: Did I already mention that damage resistance isn’t really particularily useful? Instead of damage resist, allow each Rush Stack to boost melee damage.
Also, replace Violent Tapestry with 1 point in Illuminated fist.

Not gonna do Moze because, as already mentioned, I don’t have anything useful to say about her. Feel free to add your own suggestions below and let me know which of my suggestions you think are either too much or too little and which Class Mods you think I missed that also need a redesign.

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