A reminder for Gearbox!

You still need to implement basic features for queuing and matchmaking if you want people to stay.

Please just copy-paste as much as Paladin’s queue structure as you can while you work on the stuff you can’t implement yet (like multi-queue and ratings).

If you don’t these people will be leaving soon…


isnt it mostly limited because of population?

I would say that’s a circular argument on a normal day. We can’t have nice things because we don’t have enough players, but we can’t have players because we don’t have nice things.

On PC, I’d say that thinking basically screwed the pooch. They went down to one QM queue that was a total stomp fest and players left in droves.

This is probably the last opportunity the game will have to break out of that thinking and also the “implication” (being that the only want 5-man e-sportsers here and won’t or can’t support the basics of either casual or “normal” competitive play).


I do believe last Monday, earlier this week, that the devs had done a server look through to try and delete some of the old/useless data files within the game. maintenance/cleanup, some technical thing a friend told me that I really don’t know all the good words to use. It helped the lag.

Yep. That’s the sum of it. The way everyone seems to think they should break out, is to just call it F2P and pimp it hard in a fresh push for publicity. Get a few more old players back playing, some new streamers giving it a go, more magazine writers revisiting, etc. Generate some hype and get people to install the free version.

Unclear if that’ll actually happen or not. I’m hopeful, but not optimistic.

As soon as people will get to level 20 they’ll be like WTF? Exaclty as i did. I thought “Well maybe this is restricted for players below level 19. I will be able to choose the game mode later mode later”. I was wrong obviously. This is f-ing retarded. What is wrong with Gearbox devs? I mean this is not hard. Just take a look around if you don’t know what to do. In EVERY game i played there was the possibility to choose map and mode.

The game is dead once, and the only way to resurrect it was going free2play. Are they going to kill it again?

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The game can’t support multiple game modes until there are enough new players to support all the individual queues
We have to try to be patient

Hopefully GB/2K will start more aggressively advertising this beyond social media
They need to start shoving this into more faces

The Europe and Japan free trial will get launched in 3 days and once a large enough of that base breaks CR20 then we can start talking

If you mean game type modes, those are never coming back unless they implement multiqueue of some sort. There’s going to be 5 standard modes + one-offs which would have problems even with a huge player base.

It’s been shown “scientifically” it doesn’t work…when the game first came out, the least popular modes just suffered because a high percentage of the player base just chooses what they think will be fastest.

They can implement a Quick Match, Solo/Duo, and Custom Game type queue strategy (Paladins style) like…next week if they want! It won’t be as robust without a rankings system and multi-queue, but it’s infinitely better than what we currently have still…


Kinda the same, but still the proper context.


Mathematical proven (thank you Cam) within a system of a rapidly declining player base

If we can stabilize and are able to retain enough of these new players
There is no reason we can’t open back up into the individual mode set up

The problem is reaching that “enough” benchmark

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No, it wasn’t working since day 1 on PC…and that’s with only 3 game modes.

The capture queue was abandoned completely within about a week or two. It was just the least popular and a snowball effect of players who wanted variety but not a 1 hour wait time killed it.

(Both mathematically and scientifically were used sarcastically…neither is true.)

The voting system was basically the best they could do to support that many modes…or on consoles they were able to pull out the most popular game type (Incursion)… but just to be real there is no way they can do 5 queues just for game modes…and that’s assuming they have no interest in things like solo/duo and draft which would bring them to 10 or 15 queues.

Multi-queue is literally the only way to give people this choice and leave room for any other things.

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I started on PC and made the jump when things were looking grim
Capture died after the huge lose from may going into June
It was a symptom of the rapidly declining playerbase

I’m not saying they should flip a switch and then BOOM 5-8 queues go live and left to fend for themselves

I’m saying that once we reach a healthy place with wait times and ELO
We can start open it up from there

and IF we get enough players then there is no reason multiple modes wouldn’t work

I don’t think me or Cam were taking it seriously either👍
Could be proven through math though🤔

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I don’t think people want it, however.

Not many people only want to play unpopular mode X if they have to wait.

I think the single mode queues will never work well given any reasonable population level likely for this game. Multi-queue is the correct answer here but until then I’d rather see them implement queues people will think are “worth the wait”. As demonstrated in other games people will wait for big increases in fairness (like solo/duo) or rankings/competition… I think even if PC gets to 10000+, honestly, a Capture only queue is still pretty much dead, maybe even 25k!

Fishing for people’s thoughts here…

Mechwarrior Online uses voting. There are like 5 game modes (not counting the faction stuff), and a dozen or so maps. Once a lobby is filled out, 12 players per team for 2 teams, you go to the times voting screen. (If you don’t vote before the timer’s up, you just don’t get your vote I guess.) There are 4 maps and 2 modes; you vote for one of the maps and one of the modes.

Now comes the neato part. IF your vote isn’t the one that gets picked, then next time you vote (mode or map; they count individually) your vote counts TWICE (a x2 multiplier). Still didn’t get Skirmish mode? Next vote, you have a x3 multiplier. And so on, up to a set max (8 or 9 or 12? Not sure).

Apply that to the voting screen we have already in bots, and I think maybe used to have elsewhere. You have four options, with one being "NO PREFERENCE’. As for the other 3, you pick one. If your vote isn’t the one that gets picked, then next time up it’s a x2. As if, you get to vote twice. Etc. Say up to a x3 or x4, since there are fewer players per match and fewer choices.

As opposed to quitting or just being a jerk because you didn’t get the map/mode you wanted, rejoice now that you get a bigger say in the next vote.

Will people farm that multiplier? Sure. They did in MWO too. Every time Terra Therma came up as a map, you had a couple clever-trousers types who voted for it (it was, before it got reworked, about the least popular map; hottest map in the QP queue, during the laser vomit meta, means potatoes no likey). And once in a while, enough of them tried it at the same time, that they actually got it and lost their multipliers. RIPepperonis.

TL;DR- any chance that voting for one of three options, with a weight/multiplier added if yours isn’t selected (up to a maximum) might be a better solution here, and a meaningful compromise?

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it would be better if they just do an international server so all regions can fight one another and not limited to one, though of course it may be difficult to implement it but it will be worth it.

I don’t know if you have had a chance to play people from asia, but the lag is unbearable. US to EU is alright for the most part, but I would not want to play with asian players on the regular. Granted, I don’t really have any issue with the way queues are set up now. I can go to quick match for fast match ups with an equal chance of getting any game mode or I can go to draft to play incursion since nothing else ever wins the vote. Maybe that’s incentive enough for people to go to the store and get a full copy for $5-$10 so that they have enough characters to play draft.

Also, based on Gearbox’s history with Battleborn, the queues change pretty frequently. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them shake it up on thursday and then again a week later when Supercharge comes out.

Right now I would love a solo/duo queue and versus draft.

QM would basically be solo/duo. QM and versus draft doesn’t work with this population count because unfortunately people will get stomped in versus draft then move to Quick Match for easier wins. Having just a solo/duo and a versus draft will force the 5 man premade to stay in versus draft

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Want incursion que back with qm for those that want to play other modes. Draft can stay or leave I don’t play it so doesn’t matter to me.

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I do too, but I don’t know if it would help too much with balancing out games.

Some people cheated it last time by coordinating when they join queue or dodged until they found each other. I also have my doubts how long it would take until the matchmaking algorithm starts stacking teams by skill again. It seemed to have been better in the beginning the last time the solo queue was active (never could play it despite trying almost every week, but I couldn’t justify to wait longer than 20 minutes for teammates when I only had 1 hour for playing), but I think this was because everyone was forced into smurfing with a fresh Elo rating. I’ve seen too many weird “teamcomps” created by the matchmaking when that wasn’t the case.