A reminder for Gearbox!

Somebody already said this here, they just need to copy the matchmaking system from games like Rocket League, Dota2, Overwatch.

All of those above have one thing in common for their matchmaking, only one button to search for a match.
And it works beautifully. Rocket league even does this better because of the power for in-game change the server.
(Of course, Arcade/custom games excluded)

And one thing that they are doing right, is to keep the teams together, but, I wish even if someone leaves, the game would try to find a person to replace it.
Maybe it was only me, on the queue if someone drop it, the whole team was disbanded.

Yea… I see that too and even tried that to see how easy it was. On PC it took us a good half an hour to do, with less people I imagine it would be easier but I think it would be harder with a better population. But then again I heard people pulling that off on PS4 and they have a good population… maybe putting a minute time out if the game recognizes a playing doing that.

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Increasing timeout the more you dodge could maybe solve it. But the game still has to ignore any Elo when building teams in there and I just don’t know if it is doable with the current system.

In theory it is not bad to form teams of the same skill range to avoid that players with high skill are dumped into beginner teams where they either carry the whole team or have to almost AFK to keep it balanced, but with the current playercount this creates stomps galore. I’ve talked to some people lately who showed PTSD symptoms because of the games they played.

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You guys are proving a point for me I’d like to re-iterate.

Some people here are taking this as a complaint to let you pick your game type.

Some people are taking it as a cry for better matchmaking.

And some are taking it as a call for things like solo/duo competitive or draft that works…

(The key here is, you have to make queues that appeal to MULTIPLE groups of people for it to work…)

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Dude, this community is as closed minded as possible when discussing such things as implementing other matchmaking system that are very well praised or making the game more efficient/direct towards a bigger audiance.

What you said is 100% right, all the steps that gearbox made were wrong, the graphics of player base explain it all.
And not only Paladins is a good reference, Rocket League, CS GO, overwatch and so on

All of those above try to at least make " one button " for competitive.

For the lovers of PvE, you can still play the same way.