A request for the next Borderlands game

Now I don’t know whether gearbox will or are under development of borderlands 3 or wether it will even have that title but I’d like to make a request for the possible next borderlands and that is: a) a new currency to replace dollars, I think dollars are both native to those outside America and don’t suit borderlands as its on another planet or perhaps dimension.

And my second request is to have good vehicles, they’ve always played a huge role in borderlands but I’d like to see them improve, they’re just very weird when driving them and have clipping issues allot, I’m looking at you invisible vehicle walls… So I’d love to see them completely redone, I’d also love to see vehicles become a part of combat (this would probably take huge maps though) aswell as customising your own vehicle through its parts and looks which would cost tons of currency and be able to digistruct it at a catch a ride. I’d also like dune buggys, hot rods and bikes as the vehicle types. And finally I’d like to use pistols and revolvers, maybe sub machine guns while in/on a vehicle, and every gun when riding passenger.

And one more thing, first person in/on vehicles. It could be switchable.
That’s about it, I think that using guns while driving is a great idea as I largely prefer my guns over the mounted turrets they give you.

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