A request to all users of Mr. GJ's weapon/item packs - creating an archive

Basically, I want to create a catalogue of different versions of the packs because many people have complained about the custom content not working or ceasing to work after updating to a new revision. I intend to keep an archive of older versions in order to make it easier for people to find a working revision should they be unable to use the newest one.

If you happen to have any old revision still on your PC, feel free to notify me and you can send it over. Any help is appreciated!

Note: The obsolete revisions will receive NO SUPPORT FROM Mr_GJ AT ALL. PERIOD. If you want to use them, you’re on your own. If you complain, you will be, quote, “firmly ignored”.

Thank you for making this. Hope someone has an archived old version of the GJ packs.

how’s the archive going by the way
got a version of the oasis download that’s about a year old still with mr gj shield etc

Honestly? Nothing yet. If you do have an older version, could you please send it over to me? PM me and I’ll give you my email.