A Return to Battleborn in it's last month

Hello there, fellow saviors of Solus. I’m not an active member on the Battleborn forums, or any for that matter. However, I’d like to put my 2 cents in before Battleborn is off the servers forever.

I started playing Battleborn back during the beta, when there was still a discussion on Overwatch and Battleborn. I picked it up on release, and put it down only a month afterwards. Me and my co-op partner ran through the story once or twice, but to us that was it- the competitive multiplayer was interesting, but neither of us had the money to actually use the online service. We both enjoyed the goofy, character driven dialogue; the variety in character gameplay; and, of course, Geoff- the spider.

For 4 years, we’ve been planning on playing the game again. We’d bring it up in class, at work, and on the weekends. But we never found the time. Work and life had made it harder to do anything like that again.

That all changed a month ago, where we finally put in the old disc and booted it up. Except this time, it wasn’t just my co-op partner and I. We got our group of friends together, ate pizza, and played some of the missions.

Battleborn is fricken Badass. Everyone that played mission 1 and 2 had a blast, trying out different pairs of heroes on each run. Toby and Rath, Whiskey Tango and Miko… We all agreed- Battleborn, even with how limited the story was, is a fully enjoyable experience. Some of us, all Borderlands players, found that it was more polished and badass than parts of BL3. Heck, we were pissed that we couldn’t purchase the dlcs, only because we wanted to try something new.

Hell, two of my friends got so into it, that they went to a dollar store and found a physical copy. We’re planning on running through missions during the holidays, trying out who we can. But with limited time with work and family, we know that that won’t be easy. It’s got to the point where we’re at mission 7, but Mission 1 & 2 are so good we just love replaying them.

I know there is less than 2 months left. Not everyone can put the time into it, to grind out the platinum currency for the dlc missions, character levels, legendaries, etc. Hell, you can’t even buy the game online- you have to find a physical copy. But I’d like to implore anyone who scrolls down far enough to at least pick it up.

More and more games are becoming online only. Battleborn is a sad reminder that what once was “owning a game” isn’t the same. Battleborn deserves a second chance, even if it’s offline only. And once Battleborn goes offline, the only remnants left of it will be… Well, us.

Thanks for reading this, whoever is still fighting to save Solus. Y’all stay safe in 2020, and a good holidays.


RIP Battleborn, I hardly knew ye.


I know what you mean, but can’t agree as I’ve been playing since day 1 back in May, 2016, and 4 years in a romantic relationship is usually when one’s friends and family start to wonder when the proposal is coming. :smirk:

Toby appears and drops to his knees (yes, penguins and penguin-like aliens have knees), then holds out a large shiny pebble.

Will you nest with me…? I-I mean, you know, if you want to…! Tooootally no pressure intended!

I mean, you ARE on your knees… I feel pretty pressured…

Oh geez… O-Okay, I told myself I would stay strong if you said no…

I accept.

TOBY (hyperventilating):
I mean, I get it: Who’d want to be with someone like me, right? I-I’m sorry I… Oh! Umm… S-Sorry… Did you say you accept?

Yes, and now I’m starting to regret it.

O-OhmyGod…! OhmyGodohmyGodohmyGod! YES!! I promise you won’t regret this!



We finally finished the last 2 missions. It certainly wasn’t as good as we would have wanted it, but we all agreed- we’re glad that we could return to Battleborn before it was off the servers forever.
Sadly, due to being unable to buy premium currency we were unable to play the 5 DLC missions.
Goodbye old friend, thanks for the memories.