A right skilled galielea is unkillable

bevore u say i got no idea i palyed around 100 houers beta and over 100 sicne release
now than i really got to say a decent galielea player is jsut a total gamebreaker…
why u ask well
first of she jsut got waaayyyy to many strong abilities at once for example
your playing a melecaracter runing away from her wigh 2k hp she simply pluss you back in wigh coruption wich gives her more dmg makes unanable to use skills and psosbly heals hear/acts as aoe then u try to ran off abain after u got ur abilities back but then she stuns u wigh her shield (psoibly overdictance) by that time a “good” galilea player easyly dealt 1500 dmg and you are basicly death unless you got a skill that lets u runn off(if u didnt take 2kdmg wich can happen easily) (and thats wigh 2k hp wich is rather tanky)

now than if u say thats not op already take fiteing her…

had once of these senaceos today where we locked in a galielea as isac and eldragon from both sides
we both dealt as mcuh dmg as we could al the time (and she was locked in betwen us so everything hit ofc)
she should have been more that dead by then but isntead she dealt us a lot of dmg ran off wigh hear ulti got some quick heal form teammates and ehr ulti and managed to kill us both wich should never be possible for any caracter in this game in almsot an isntant

would dgladly provide some viedeoprove of instane like that but shadowpaly jsut wont work wigh this game wich is jsut another anoyance

first of she has a lot of hp then she can steal hp wigh coruption then she also got a 1k shield wich she can trow for 200dmg and stun AND get back isntantly

she has to many tostrong abiletys while having quiet alot of hp and doing a lot of dmg

While it is true Galilea is op, I’m getting sick of all the posts about it. There are already a dozen threads about Galilea being op. Can people please just post in the existing threads?

We get it she op we all know how fourms do people have to make saying the same thing

Whats even more annoying are the Galilea players who pretend shes balanced and point fingers at other characters and say things like “it depends on how you play her/build her”

They are making balance changes to her in the next patch. I wouldn’t worry too much about it right now.

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