A round of applause for Gearbox and Pendles!

So after the Alani debacle we were all a bit iffy about Pendles and worried about a repeat perfofmance. But alas, he’s wonderfully balanced against the rest of the cast! Once he breaks cloak he feels more like a skirmisher than an assassin, combine that with his poison and CC and he has a disruptor feel as well, but during cloak he can be most troublesome. You really need to be on your toes around Pendles as he can get behind your team and destroy your buildables uncontested and unseen, and then kill one of your Battleborn as well. He’s not entirely invisible though and Incursion doesn’t feel like his preferred hunting ground as you can spot him and gank him. I haven’t played him yet outside of one private match and being Australian means I’ll never load in fast enough to pick him but for now I’m not fussed, I’d honestly rather wait until the hype dies down and learn to fight him before I learn to use him like I did with Alani. So far so good, Pendles is off go a good start and Gearbox have done a spectacular job designing and balancing him. Orendi players, get your uncloaking Shadowfire Pillars out, Pendles is coming for you and Nullify wont save you!

Personally, from what I’ve seen so far, I still prefer Deande and don’t particularly like “power” ults like Pendles’s, but it fits him perfectly and he’s incredibly well designed. I do look forward to reading his lore and seeing his mutations though.


This is great to hear I can’t wait to get home and play him

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Genuinely great char. Feel like a real assassin sneaking around but if caught in the open with smoke bomb down you will die.

Pendles for President/Prime Minister/whatever! I mean hey, we vote in snakes every election anyway, so why not?


This is so damn funny and true that I can not even laugh.

Screw that noise, Kaliedodemon for president/prime minister! Because, err, politicians are demons? Whatever, you sir have won the forums!

Excellent Excellent Excellent

and i love the zer0/krieg/snake hybrid it is

How does he play? I’ve been with friends so I’ve yet to try him.

Haha true that bud! " Pendles 2016, Slithering for Solus!"


Several hours of Pendles in Advanced Story mode and I love the new character.

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