A rumble idea for the birthday of BB

I think as a fun idea (Probably not) if we had a rumble that reverted all the stats on characters and legendary items to their orignal function when the game came out on may 3rd, 2016 (including DLC charterers) EX: zealous fury would stack attack speed when using skills, Ghalt would have slug rounds and his stun back, OM fire grenade would be deadly, Attikus would have the knock up effect for his ult, Ambra would be annoying, Alain would be a beast, I’m pretty sure everyone gets what I’m saying by now. Thoughts?

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I never played PvP until November, so I don’t really know how strong certain characters were before the nerfs, except from what other people have told me. I know Phoebe and Ambra were two to watch out for back in the day.

It would also be nice to play pre-nerf Mell once again. I’d also like to try Deande’s uppercut, just as a joke, and day one stats means I can do the clone glitch again. Huzzah! :smile:

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Can we throw in CTT Phoebe and CTT Ambra please?

Probably not

HELL no! No one but the Galilea mains want to play with day one Galilea… :unamused:


500 damage per second on Dreadwind at level 5 possibly reaching around 1000 at level 10 and the duration being increased by 33%, being available every 55 seconds, combined with my current knowledge and skill with Rath that I lacked so long ago…

sits back and closes eyes in deep thought

begins laughing maniacally


My thoughts exactly^^ I´d love to play CTT- or Launch-Rath again, now that I know what to do ToT

Still doubt it would possible to implement these changes in a single rumble-mode. I think they had to change all character stats for all modes flat, if that is even possible.


+35% attack speed on antihero. More damage on everything. I think shield throw does about 1/4 the damage it used to. Didn’t her shield block 2k? Attack while sprinting!

Oh and let’s not forget gear. Chrono key letting Thorn have a 4 second cooldown on blight. Vigilance link stacking for everyone with an extra 1200 health. Double hug.

And I’d get to see how much damage I can do with pre nerf Dragon… I can make him work now so I wonder how much damage I could do with him in his glory days.

Oh man, I wish you could try Deande’s uppercut too. I had a blast with it got me hooked on Deande to begin with lol.


I loved clone glitch in the heliophage, made it much more amusing


If we go back to release date, Alani wouldn’t be a problem since she would be locked, wouldn’t she? Or do you mean go back to the original release of all characters and gear, instead of the game’s release date? I would prefer the game’s original release since then we wouldn’t have to worry about Beatrix, a long range silence would ruin the fun. It would be nice playing as Alani when she was released, but I would rather get rid of Beatrix with that silence, instead of playing as Alani.

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I remember doing that with @Xelaris96. We made a game for trying to find the real one in a crowd of a dozen clones while so many were getting thrown off the map by the boss.

I crashed the server a couple of times…

And died but ppl couldnt tell who was the real one without mic and screaming hot/cold.


I can’t like your guys replies but I’m glad others had such loved over this as well!


I want the ability to make an army again!

I miss this so much… :cry:


Okay… Let’s say they DO consider this idea… Can they at least leave my ultimate, you know… USEFUL? IT’S NOT SUPPOSED TO TICKLE YOU, IT’S SUPPOSED TO MAKE YOU FEAR ME!!

Cute hiccup.

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I fear you and your tickles little guy. Don’t worry about your ultimate, just be the best you, you can be.


Wow… I feel totally SELF ACTUALIZED right now! THANKS!!