A sad moment :(

I really am sad.
Such a great game but cant play. Ques are killing me :frowning:

Not glooming and i know this post doesnt help but still -.-

Found out about BL2 a little late but loved the first moment i touched it and i waited for BB for so long and its all i play! Make it F2P or smthing

What platform are you playing on? If you are on Steam, you can try changing your download region to improve matchmaking times.

Nah im on PS4. I know PC times are worst but still.

Really? What region are you? I’m getting matches in 2 minutes approx.

EDIT: I’m also PS4

Really?! I keep waiting approx 10 mins for a game and sometimes cant and get bored and give up. EU

Lucky you!

Ah yeah, I’m US. I noticed that queue times are definitely longer on off-region hours. It’s day here so times are nice. Come around 10PM EST, things will slow down a bit.