A Salute to Gearbox

So, a little back history. A buddy of mine told me about Borderlands back when it released. I played it for a bit, didn’t catch my attention all that much.

Then, the sequel came out, and yall absolutely killed it with that marketing. The Nero - Doomsday trailer had me hooked and so excited for the game. The game itself was even better. The game play was fun, the loot system wasn’t overly flooded with bad Stat possibilities so everything at blue or better was at least usable up until UVH. And the dialogue… In these days, writing is ■■■■■■■ abysmal and predictable. I wasn’t hopeful when I found myself on Pandora (seriously, why?) But that all quickly changed. So many great characters, and even better lines. I don’t know the names of the writers but they have promising careers. I’ll just move on by saying Borderlands 2 was among the best experiences of my gaming history. I could talk about this forever but it’s not my intent to highlight that specific franchise.

So, to put this in perspective, I’m not typically a great human being online. I’ve been banned on countless websites for other developers, mostly because I thought they ■■■■■■ up and were to high and mighty to admit fault (most recently Evolve, and I was pretty big on the L4D competitive scene for a while, that game was a huge disappointment.) It’s not something I’m proud of necessarily, but might paint a picture for you. Kissing ass is a fairly uncommon practice for me.

Ok, all that sappy boring ■■■■ aside, Battleborn. This game was one of the big releases I was looking forward to. And my first few days, I had mixed feelings. I’m no stranger to MOBAs, I just wasn’t really into the style you took it. But, I pressed on, and then I figured some things out, got better at the general mechanics. Had a long stretch of just massacring people as Ghalt (oh and coming back after 3 months, that trap nerf, absolutely crushed me.) Player kills and the pride after a kill streak lingered much longer than they would for other Mobas, and infinitely more rewarding than a basic FPS. And the variety of characters has helped to keep it interesting some several hundred hours later. Each with a unique personality and playstyle, and the majority with humorous outbursts. Oscar, Marquis, Toby, and Orendi are my personal favorites. Then the missions themselves, the fact that you took the time to change up just about every dialogue. Thank you. Algorithm is still entertaining for the 10th time when all of a sudden Nova is telling Kleese to ■■■■ off with his negativity, she’s going to take 5. I even had the pleasure of playing against Hammygas one time, good dude.
At first glance, Battleborn feels a little off but once you put some time in, is a very enjoyable experience. For this, I took the time to explore it fully.

Only other games I have platinum’d are Tales from the Borderlands (freebie) and Bloodborne. I just thought I’d give yall an atta boy, because Gearbox is one of the few developers I trust anymore. Battleborne is no Borderlands 2 but its still great. And only because of how strong BL2 was. I read somewhere that yall are intimidated by Borderlands 3 because of how good it would need to be to follow up a strong sequel. And oh, you should be. You have quite a daunting task ahead of you. Don’t ■■■■ it up.

With love and unending loyalty,

P.S. ■■■■ Blizzard, Overwatch is trash.


Well, since Gearbox seem to be properly committing to Borderlands 3 and Battleborn, I guess you could say we are…

In good hands.

I’ll show myself out.