A Salvador gameplay Query

Currently I am playing as Salv at level 50 in TVHM. I’m just going into Hero’s Pass so should be transitioning into UVHM very soon. My current most used pistols are the DPUH and Grog Nozzle. However I will not be able to carry the Grog Nozzle over into UVHM so until I can get one again in the Mines of Avarice what is the best option? Would it be better to use a level 42 Miss Moxxi’s Rubi (slag version) or use a standard, on-level, Maliwan slag pistol. The latter would have greater damage but not the ability to generate health recovery.


If you want to keep healing, use the Rubi. The healing and slag are the reason to use it, not damage, so the level doesn’t really matter


Don’t forget that there are other Moxxi weapons you can pick up along the way should you feel the need for the healing boost (probably not a bad plan through the 55-60 level range). You can get a Good Touch any time you want in UVHM, and you could always go back to TVHM to grab a slag Kitten.

That said, the Rubi in your off-hand should work just fine, as pointed out by @Kuolemanlaakso