A Sample of Skagzilla and Whitting's Elephant Gun Data

While farming for Whitting’s Elephant Gun from Skagzilla, I recorded data of a few variables for each individual attempt. This includes whether or not Whitting’s Elephant Gun dropped and how many weapons/items Skagzilla dropped (Attempt 10-309 only).

I also exported the part data for each Whitting’s Elephant Gun obtained to a spreadsheet to try to get an idea of the rarity of individual parts. Since each part other than the body and accessory is either locked or unique, those parts are omitted.

Whitting's Elephant Gun and Skagzilla Weapon/Item Table

I also, for comparison, collected data on the part rarity of Whitting’s Elephant Gun’s given as a mission reward for completing “Big Game Hunter” (completed and turned in on PT2.5).

"Big Game Hunter" Mission Reward Table


EDIT: Adding variance table to show difference in Whitting’s Elephant Gun’s obtained each 100 attempts.

Variance Table


Using this data and inferring from experience, I have made these conclusions:

  • Parts with higher rarity level are more rare.
  • Skagzilla’s AwesomeLevel is 4.
  • Skagzilla (in single-player) drops 3 weapons/items at a ratio of around 2:1 (weapons:items).
  • Skagzilla has around a 10% chance (Maybe?) to drop Whitting’s Elephant Gun. More attempts may be necessary to get a more accurate estimate.
  • The level distribution of Whitting’s Elephant Gun’s dropped by Skagzilla is around even between level 66-68.
  • Skagzilla has a chance (I would estimate between 10-20%) to drop explosive Eridian relics.
  • Skagzilla can also drop explosive Eridian relics, among other relic types, as part of the guaranteed 3 weapons/items, though much less frequently.
  • There doesn’t seem to be a conclusive difference between part rarity of Whitting’s Elephant Gun’s obtained from this mission and Skagzilla, despite the difference in AwesomeLevel (13 and 4, respectively). It seems Whitting’s Elephant Gun’s obtained from this quest are always locked to level 40 in PT2/2.5, so I suppose this information is unimportant at endgame.
  • The probably desired body4/acc4_heavy variant of Whitting’s Elephant Gun is quite rare.


I haven’t done any runs for awhile, but back on 10/26/2017 I was running closer to Zilla dropping a WEG 14.5% of the time. I wasn’t clinical enough about it, but I’m certain my error wouldn’t make up nearly a 5% difference in drop rate. I dunno what’s up with that.

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That is odd. I added some formulas to the spreadsheet to test variance by limiting the sample size and increasing by increments of 100. With the exception of attempts 101-200 and the last 100 attempts I got 8-10 WEG’s every 100 attempts.


I suppose it’s possible that either I got particularly bad fortune in my attempts or you had good fortune in your attempts. Did you record how many attempts you took? I think 5% variance is possible considering the apparent drop rate and relative number of attempts. Perhaps the actual drop rate is somewhere between, like 12.5%.

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As of the numbers I gave, I had done only 538 runs. Honestly, I bet the variance has more to do with my error. I work with paper and tallies, which leads to more me forgetting to mark down runs late at night. This is much less me doubting your accuracy, and more me being surprised at our variance/my probable error.

Sorry for bothering you on each of these threads.


With an RNG-based outcome like this, your going to get better and worse runs. You should see the stats I have for grinding three purples in TPS without moonstones - it’s averaging out to 5% success rate, but there have been some pretty brutal stretches. And then the other night I had two successes almost back to back…

That block of runs 100-200 above ^ looks out-standing. That’s what, 21 in 100 tries, or double the average drop rate? Shoulda bought a lottery ticket during that…