A serious question to the devs and community

(Brianadouglas1) #1

While I understand an idea or request like this may seem far fetched. I was wondering what the community would think about gearbox and the homeworld creators partnering with Robert Space industries to release specific ships from the various homeworld generations into star citizen?

I think it would be an amazing show of just what Homeworld has done to inspire others in the industry while finally allowing those of us who have hungered to pilot some of these classic ships to be able to do so.

I for one would sell an organ or two to pilot a Kushan, Tiidan, Hiigaran, or Vagyr ship.

something like this could be done with a community or gaming community wide vote. for say up to 4 ships for an initial reception.

The only drawback is frankly working with a company that seems to drag its feet. However, out of all the companies that I believe could pull it off, it would be Gearbox, and the Homeworld creators adding some magic into an already fun to play alpha/beta/ and release.

I’m interested to hear peoples thoughts on this.