A seriously Wanted feature

Hardest decision to make in battleborn is which character I want to use each match… I really want the ability to organize my heroes in whatever order I want, or at least to be able to “favorite” them.


I second this

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I triple this

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How about the ability to change characters in reaction to a team mates pick while still on the character select page?


Nevermind misunderstood, yes love that idea too

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It would great for those moments where you pick a character and someone picks a character that you need for a lore challenge but you’ve already chosen which sucks


I think the OP wanted a organizing feature for the character-selection screen (similar to how one can sort Titles & gear), not an option to re-pick/change characters after you already chose one. (Feel free to open a topic regarding this :heart: )

For now the heroes are shown in alphabetical order, but I´d love to sort them by preference, its a great idea.


Yeah for me there’s only about 6-7 characters I don’t like… so I’m like uhhhh who do I play as this match??

At least an option to see what level your heroes are. Lore completion percent maybe.

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Same. I love too many. I’d love to stick the ones I love too much at the bottom though so I’m not tricked into wasting exp on them again