A Shallow Problem


In the patch 1.3.0 this bug was fixed and this thread is no longer relevant, its content will be kept due to historical reasons

Greetings! Sadly I bring bad news from the dunes, a shallow problem is affecting our trade routes in one of the most beautiful areas of Kharak: The Shallows [2]

Ok, jokes aside: During the Artifact Cup 14, I experienced one issue when facing the player AGameAnx, my baserunner straight up refused to follow a move command and picked another route, a long one. At that time it didn’t seem much, but after some time I went to evaluate and found that it is an actual problem.

Replay file download link: https://app.box.com/s/6em8pipncf1s3hpv64ec8184303f7vxe

The file “Ro4 AGameAnx vs Sinistro” is from the Artifact Cup 14 and by the 9 min mark it is possible to see that the Coalition player (me), sends his baserunner through the middle of a savage pack of railguns. while its obvious path would be through the narrow choke point that was ahead of the baserunner:

After the Artifact Cup 15, tren and I decided to test proof this, or if it was just me noobing it out. The outcome is on the replay attached that, together with the test has many other things we tried (vet status on Baserunners against Air).

Replay file download link: https://app.box.com/s/ce2nfek5lxcpgi2knuk9upd8otbthm2r

We tried all 4 access on the sides of Shallows besides the main ramp, and only 1 is not pathable:

The baserunner refuses to move, and also any of the cruisers, support, production, siege and battle, the only one that wasn’t tested was the arty cruiser and the honor guard cruiser. And we even tried to push units by stacking a lot of them and what not.

Multiple baserunners


Support Cruiser:

This position in particular is of the most importance due to this:

It is the Ramp on the upper right corner, between the red player spawn and the his extraction zone. If he can move his baserunner through there, means that he has to go all the way through the middle and expose himself to long range weapons such as rail guns while his opponent doesn’t have too. which leads to unbalance.

I don’t know if there is a plan to patch the game again to add content, but, please do consider in at least maintaining the current assets on the game. This together with the “under the dune” problem in Gaalsien Territories and the Great attractor in Taidan Passage just nullifies any chance of a fair fight on those maps.

Adding one last note: If you leave one heavy unit on that region, but coming from high ground, it can slide down and avoid the blocking. But in most of the cases this matter very little since you are trying to move up the hill with your baserunner.

And to not end with a sad note, see how we finished this test:

Mirage on the dunes - Gaalsien Territories visual missinformation