A short note about Attikus

Hi guys,
I don’t know if this is common knowledge, but I noticed this running solo missions and it never occurred to me that things work this way so I thought I’d share:

When you activate turrets with Attikus, the kills from those turrets add to your hedronic charge count. I noticed this during a saboteur mission. I had a turret up and was running around looking for mobs to kill while defending the shard collector. I noticed I was getting charges even though I wasn’t fighting anything at the time.

It doesn’t make a huge difference solo because I’m usually running around like a fiend pulverizing mobs. But if you’re in a difficult mission with a team, it might be worth it to have Attikus be the one to activate turrets when needed, in order to get the added boost for replenishing charges.

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Kills with attack drones also count towards his passive, as long as he bought the drone. I make it a point to get turrets when i can because it can be hard to get all of your charges (if you don’t have Charge Efficiency) when you’re competing with ranged teammates.

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Yup it is useful. Though once you get the mutation for a single charge to use abilities it isnt as big a deal.