A simple acknowledgement/command ping with better visual cues

It’s possible I never used the ping right during beta (I mostly used it accidentally), but I recall the ring-ping to be a bit underwhelming and unnoticeable. In most cased, I don’t think there was any form of context message or knew who was requesting what or where. I think that can be improved and I wanted to drop an idea here. I’ve tried to keep the idea simple yet broad.


Requesting assistance:
A quick single ping press would give off a strong chime and either indicate the teammate’s location with a bouncing and pulsating exclamation point, or light up their silhouette with a flashing bright blue color. Something to catch the other player’s eyes. A message in larger text can appear on the side with something like, “Benedict needs help!”

(Alternatively, a comic-like text bubble over their head would stand out and be a bit thematic.)

Recalling/Leaving lane
Recalling I believe left a message but giving it the same visual cue might help make people aware there is someone leaving a particular area/lane and it needs backup.

Focus enemy X
Aiming at an enemy and hitting the ping (or holding it for a second) could alert teammates that you want to engage a particular foe. “Benedict wants to take the fight to Marquis!” Again, with a stronger chime and some form of attention-getting icon or flashing color, team mates will know where the action is taking place. (Not suggesting you give away the enemy location – just where your ally is currently.)

Likewise, aiming at an ally’s silhouette that is lit up (requesting help) and hitting the ping could sound off a simple acknowledgement. “Oscar Mike is on the way!”


I’m not sure I agree with the specifics that you’re stating, but I do agree with the overall message. Pings need to be clearer, both in ease of acknowledgement, and as to what they’re signifying.

While, I do like the idea of contextual pings (like OP mentioned), my first instinct was to hold down the ping button to open an option wheel that we could use to select pings.

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Basically I love your idea for different short message pings, but I fear it would get to messy and chaotic. Especially in wild mixed matches (no mics, random players who never played together, profs & starters…) when people start spamming different pointers with no reason or end.

Many people complained about BB being to chaotic until now, and I think such a feature would increase that chaos. (Don´t get me wrong, personally I love BB because of this battlefield-chaos^^)
I also think there could be possibility of making crucial movement mistakes while setting a command-ping, since you need to concentrate on setting the right ping on the right target while being infight. But maybe I´m just a slow player and other would´nt have an issue with that^^

Until now I only saw the pointers used In Voids Edge to point beginners to the activation plates, and so far it worked quiet good.

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Here’s an idea. Click down the right stick to ping. Hold it to bring up a series of short messages to choose from. Tilt the stick to the desired option and release to send the message.

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That’s what I was saying! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I was finishing the waves of enemies there and my teammates were all pinging. It was pretty funny but I felt it necessary to kill all before we launched someone because I as Mellka went with.