A Simple Observation

I’ve seen an awful lot of complaints about unskippable cutscenes, but from what I’ve seen you spend far more time waiting for dialogue from various NPCs until you can get a Quest Marker. The cutscenes seem to be a mere fragment of time waiting compared to the aforementioned… That’s all.

Maybe they could offer a quest marker on quests completed on a previous playthrough?

Stay chill Vault Hunters :slight_smile:


I’ve been ignoring the plethora of nonsense threads being created daily complaining about the same 10 issues, so i’m not sure why I clicked this one. However, i’m relieved to see you have an original point, and something I have thought while playing as well. I agree it is a little frustrating to wait for dialogue to end.

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SpeedRun mode! Dialogue still plays but the quest markers update instantly. Ahh, to dream.


this is just as good as the skippable cut scenes …u sir have a hell of a point.


The toxic sewage are spewing out here lately is a real bummer… The Borderlands 2 forums were always an enjoyable read with a friendly and helpful community. Now it’s 90 percent rage…

logging in mad as hell to complain that the devs have not catered to my specific whims in a time frame acceptable to my standards

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Just a little side note in the midst of people’s endless rampaging xD thank you for your positive posts here by the way i appreciate someone who doesn’t add to the toxicity of these forums lately, I’ve seen your posts on some threads…