A simple Quality-of-Life idea for farming enemies (with illustrations)

Step 1 - Find your quary;

Step 2 - Defeat said enemy. A totem/switch will spawn;

Step 3 - Activate the totem/switch with Eridium to respawn said enemy;

Step 4 - Repeat steps 2 and 3;

  • Speeds up the process of farming considerably by removing the need to exit to the main menu and reload into the map (especially irritating on lower-end systems and consoles.)
  • Makes multiplayer farming of a boss more practical. Would be restricted from activating until most players are near the totem/switch to help prevent potential griefing.
  • Gives an additional use for Eridium beyond purchasing cosmetics and gear from Crazy Earl or collecting dust in your pockets.

When needed, the players could be teleported to an appropriate location after activating the totem or switch, such as immediately before the drop-off to a boss’ arena. Could expand on this by allowing players to re-fight Wotan and future Takedown bosses without repeating the entire Takedown by paying a considerable amount of Eridium.


I’ve suggested the same thing a few other places and I agree that it’s a great idea. I suggested pushing the button would respawn, and adding eridium and pushing it would spawn a “raid” version once per day, with harder stats and better drops (guaranteed anointed legendaries, etc.)
Love the illustrations. =]


Ook, indeed, my brother. Ook, indeed.

That would be a great idea. A use for eridium, and saves time for console players, etc.


I support this idea.

Or a reload map button to respawn area


We can already respawn an area using the mayhem modifier menu. If we could do it without rerolling modifiers or changing level, that’d work fine.
Unfortunately, at the moment, it doesn’t respawn enemies, but that could be an option. Just scroll to mayhem menu, hit apply and select “yes, respawn area with new enemies” or something.

I would love a feature that lets me keep a party and farm with friends.
Though i would not put any daily limits in the game (like respawning a baddass version for eridium). That stuff destroyed Destiny for me and makes me love the design of BL3 even more.
I can play whenever i want and not worry about daily challenges. The timed events are on the edge for me, I love collecting/farming and it’s a bummer that the events are not there for another year (probably). I know that kind of stuff engages a lot of players but for the wrong reason in my opinion. Borderlands is fun and not “heroïne”! Keep it up Gearbox!


While im not heavy into farming, i do dislike the 1 to 2 minuts i may waste on reloading the save.
Either way i wouldnt mind if such a feature was added, or not added. But its quality of life, for eridium wich i spare way too much right now so, neato for me.

That said, lovely visuals, really helps showign the idea xd