A Simple Question

Hi. I am thinking of buying Battleborn for the Pc. My internet connection is kind of inconsistent so I will buy this solely to play Singleplayer Vs bots. Now my question is are all the characters already available for bot matches? Or is it mandatory to play online games ?

Is it possible to unlock characters by Playing Matches vs bots ? That would be nice too.

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Right now all 25 non-dlc charecters are unlocked for all styles of play across all modes.
Access to gear, which if you are knew to battleborn you should look into, is gained at level 5.
The only 5 charecters you cannot unlock are Alani, Kid Ultra, Ernest, Pendles, and Beatrix, as they are all DLC charecters.
(There may be a way to unlock them with grinding via credits but I am unsure)

All characters, with the exception of the 5 dlc characters are unlocked right away nowadays.

Edit- ^this guy beat me to it

just another question. is it fun in single player ? I am are the bots good ?

I enjoy PvE personally, but I only play on advanced and it still doesnt feel hard enough for me, might just be me, but I consider it almost too easy once you’ve played the story missions enough times

The bots are a bit stupid, but I personally find those fun to play if you don’t play a balanced game.

3v5 (i.e., two bots in your team against five bots) can be quite a challenge to play and you have to play a good and objective focused game to win. PvE and Ops are also much fun in single player.

Two little things though:

  • Almost everything in this game is in dedicated Servers, you need to be online even for single player.
  • Maybe don’t buy directly from Steam outside of a sale. Game can be found for very cheap sometimes (not only at scummy stores, even in legit ones).

If you buy the game and should live in a region with EU friendly ping and gaming times (playing on evenings only mostly), you can add me btw. (same name and avatar as here) and we can play the occasional friendly 1v1 with Bots in each team.