A simple suggestion to drastically improve incursion

So as a player who used to exclusively play meltdown, i have since all but abandoned the game mode really just for something different to do. I have probably played around 150 games of incursion so far. The game mode has a ton of potential, but there are just a short list of very glaring issues that need to be fixed asap. Not a huge deal because they would be so easily fixed, and gbx has already successfully accomplished the hard parts: fun characters, interesting characters, relative balance minus a few characters, etc. This is the hard stuff and it has been accomplished.

-One issue is the alerts that your sentry is under attack. I think everyone is already aware of this, and i have already seen threads about it.
*solution: any time the sentry shield takes damage, the alert needs to always be active until the shield fully recharges.

-The other issue, the main issue, is backdooring and sentry shield damage. I have seen several thread about this already, but i think some clarity is needed on what would the actual exact nature of the problem is. The sentry’s shield should not be able to be damaged from player attack–period.
Why? because it completely undermines the mechanic of the game mode. Completely. The goal of incursion is to gain control of the middle of the map, firstly. Then it is to be able to push minion waves into the next portion of the map, the enemy’s sentry, so they can remove the enemy’s shield and you can damage it. If you cannot gain and maintain control of the middle of the map, you do not deserve to win the game.
*solution: sentry’s shields are entirely immune to player attacks.

Think about how much this would change the game mode if this were the case. Think about your second sentry, even. What if players could no longer sit up in the room and dps the sentry? think if they had to actually push their minions all the way up to the second sentry. The game would be so incredible if you still had to clear minions, push minions, etc into that last sentry. The first sentry is a no brainer that things need to change. But the second one would be a dramatically different experience as well


Yeah I’m for this. Incursion will never be truly competitive unless they fix it. It’s just too easy to “backdoor”. Negates the whole entire 29 minutes of play if 1 or 2 players can just drop a combo on it and do tons of damage, etc. At competitive levels, when everyone is taking it super serious, the team comp would be ISIC, Benedict, etc. and they would just go straight for the sentry.

I would even be happy with them buffing the sentry AI to where if you are damaging the sentry from ANYWHERE it can damage you.

The main issue for me is people damaging the sentry and not taking a lick of damage. If they can’t figure this out, then they need to make the shield immune for sure. Something needs to be done. You shouldn’t have to come to an agreement in private matches to not “backdoor”, it simply shouldn’t be possible without taking damage, etc.

I’ve made this argument before and people say it is a common practice in MOBAs as like a last ditch effort, etc. but I’m sure the sentry is damaging them when they are doing this. Right now people can kill your sentry without taking any damage, and your team getting zero notice.

Something needs to be done.

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I agree to an extent.

Backdooring: I believe it is a legit strat, what needs to be changed is the amount of damage a character can do to the shield. I think that if they made Battleborn deal 15-25% damage instead of 100% to the shields, the issue would be solved. Those who back doors would still have this strategy to fall back on in case of near defeat, but it would no longer be the “go to” as it seems to be now.

This would be a way to force players to focus the minion push, and give your team more time to recognize a backdoor when it is happening. If the player wanted to backdoor as they are now, they would need 2-3 players instead of 1, which makes pushing the main objective much easier for you.

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why do you feel that way? not trying to be insulting or anything, i legitimately want to know why you think it is not an exploit. again, i respect your opinion. i just very strongly disagree. imagine the second sentry if you had to have minions there to take its shield down. do you know how much more difficult that would make actually finishing a team off? obviously team wipes happen constantly at that point, so it obviously would still happen very often. but having to genuinely play the objective and mechanic until the end of the game would be amazing. currently, even on orendi, i can sit up in the perch on overgrowth and get an angle on the sentry’s shield and just whittle it completely down. people say that players need to pay attention, etc., but why should they have to pay attention to anything but the objective?

Because the sentry IS the objective. Yes the minions are meant to take the shields down, but there is a reason GBX allows us to deal damage to the sentries shields in the first place.

On a side note you did make a good point I would like to address, the sentry should be able to attack you regardless of where you are if you are able to attack it. I don’t much care if GBX has to make the bullets go through walls, if the sentry see’s you OR you start to attack the sentry, the sentries bullets should be able to find a nice new home in your skull.

All the same, backdooring is currently broken due to the sentry being unable to attack some people back, and because a single Battleborn can quickly take the sentry shield down. If both of those issues were fixed I think it would still provide a great anti-snowball tactic.

i mean, i guess i could compromise with those kinds of changes. at least then it would take dang near a whole team to actually take the shield down and not get insta wiped by the sentry, both because of how powerful and effective its attacks were, and the next to nothing damage players would be able to do to the shield. as it stands now you just have to get an angle on the bubble it seems.

Right, which is absolutely a huge issue I agree. I havnt played Incusrsion in a while (Ended up displeased with Marcheese, switched to Meltdown and never came back), so I forgot about the angles where the sentry doesn’t return attack.

I think that making both of those changes would fix the issue, and those who use backfiring as a legit tactic will find it more difficult but not complain much, and those looking for an easy win who don’t actually play the game well will be the ones who b*tch about it.

What platform do you use if you don’t mind sharing??

They should add text that pops on your screen whenever the sentry shields goes passed a certain threshold, starting at like 75% and appearing every 25% of damage the shields take.


currently xb1. i stopped playing meltdown because people quit games a lot more often, and a lot more quickly. seems like in incursion they dont know they’re getting beat until at least the first sentry goes down. that can take some time. that, and i really wanted to start playing a more ranged/aoe type character just to say i could do it, i guess. incursion definitely favors ranged and aoe way more so than meltdown, so i decided to do play it for something different to learn.

They just need to display sentry shield on the life bar and then there is really nothing to complain about.

I absolutely think it’s a terrible idea to disable player damage to sentry shield. This will just make games stall out and go thr full 30 minutes every time. It’s really not hard to clear minion waves, certain charters can pretty much do it alone. If all u have to do to keep my sentry healthy is clear minion waves, no one is ever going to damage the sentry uneeds teams are just bad.


You should add me:
GT: ZabuzaMomochee
I think one of the reasons I have lost interest in Incursion is because I don’t have any friends who play it. Perhaps you could show me some of the ins and outs

this is your guy for that lol @asiahmillertime. he is an incursion God tier thorn. i just tag along for something different to do. i find incursion to be way simpler and basic than meltdown. i am probably one of the extreme minority in feeling this way. i still prefer meltdown because it tends to be as close to a 1v1 or 3v3 situation as possible in this game. never really been one for big team fights, and that is all incursion is with a few cowards up in perches sniping lol

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i disagree. team wipes are a thing. power plays are a thing. will a lot more games stall out? absolutely. i dont consider that to be a bad thing compared to what is happening now. it would lead to a lot more close games. i cant really recall many games i have been apart of that top the list of being the best that did not go the full time or close to it.

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Totally agree. The last sentry should be immune to player attacks UNTIL minions have actually begun attacking it. Once the last Sentry has been damaged by a minion or thrall, only then will it become vulnerable to enemy player attacks. Easy solution and a good game mode fix.

Team wipes are a thing on bad teams that don’t pay attention to their surroundings. It’s pretty rare in thr games I play. Even if u were to take down 3 enemies, you can still easily hold back minions with just 2 people. At higher ranks, this will lead to full duration matches almost every single game. That would not be fun.

Seriously, just display their shield. If you can’t pay attention to the display and go push the backdoor attacker away, then you don’t deserve to win.

i think they DEFINITELY need to make the first sentry this way. i dont see how anyone can argue against the first sentry. now the second sentry, i can for sure see the sense in the argument against it, but i agree with you. i think it would make the games so much different at the end. currently if a team wipes one or two players on your team near the last sentry, the game is literally just over. regardless of where the minions are, regardless of anything, the game is basically over. that isnt right. if teams had to have minions with them it would add so much more coordination to the game and complicate it very much so in a great way. timing would be so much more important than it is now. as of now it comes down to kills.

unfortunately i think what you’re exhibiting is more of your own opinion than of the game mode’s design itself. at the beginning of every single incursion match nova gives you a description of the objective of the game mode. it says that you have to fight through waves of minions to escort your minions to the enemy sentry so they can strip the enemy sentry’s shields. that is the objective. that is the game mode.

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Umm, it says to push minions. It doesn’t say that’s the only strategy. Do you really think backdooring was an accident? They obviously wanted this to be a viable strategy. Its really easy to stop too if you just pay attention. If people don’t want to look at the map, I have no sympathy for them. Just fix the display and then its on the player to figure it out.

Having 30 min stall outs every game willake Mr quit

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I’d say players finding spots where they can damage the sentry and the sentry not damage them was def an accident. If they make the make the shield player damage resistant and make the sentry shoot anyone who is attacking it from anywhere the better team would win way more often then they do now.

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