A simple suggestion to drastically improve incursion

When I say last Sentry, I mean the one closest to our own spawn point. I think this needs to remain immune until the first sentry (closest to the midpoint) is destroyed.

Are you saying people can destroy the second sentry without destroying the first? Please god no

no. basically what I’m saying is first have to destroy middle sentry before even being able to destroy the spawn sentry.
and what I’m saying is that ALL sentrys should be immune to all player attacks until they have been attacked/ damaged by minions.

When I’m on bad teams that don’t know how to play, I can sometimes have as many as like 130-150 minion kills with and Ambra or OM (or anyone with good AoE). That’s just Me. You really want 1 player to be able completely shut down your ability to damage the sentry, no matter how terrible the rest of the team is?

That’s better than the alternative for me. It is literally pointless to even push minions if you really want to win. Pick ISIC and go to the shard spot and manipulate the sentry to not shoot you, not notify the other team and kill it.

Making the sentry shield immune to player damage is an extreme, but necessary step if they can’t fix it some other way. I.E making the shield take less player damage and/or making the sentry able to damage you from ANYWHERE when you are damaging it.

When a team really wants to win they will all pick characters that can get to the shard spot and just do this. Incursion will never be competitive until something is done. You shouldn’t even be able to damage it from the tunnel without taking damage and right now it’s pretty easy.

@Jythri is this issue something you guys are looking into at all? If you have time to respond, thanks in advanced.

Edit: In one game the other teams Melka literally just went into our base and grabbed our Thrall without taking ANY damage from the sentry. I didn’t stop her on purpose to see if the sentry would damage her. Doing things like this should not be possible and need to be fixed otherwise why even touch the minions?

Maybe I’m reading too far into incursion, however, I see the game type as a war simulation. Trick your opponent into allowing you to destroy their base.

Back dooring is another trick which helps pull enemies away to allow minions through the front. If your team chooses to ignore the backdoor and concentrate solely on your main route of attack than you lose.

What is wrong with this mentality? I play this way and we often win. We also get stomped if it is done incorrectly against a decent opponent.


It is not pointless at all to push minions. Who are you even playing with? I pretty much never losr to a backdoor attacker.

People don’t seem to realize that backdooring is not actually a good tactic when the other team is paying attention. If ISIC runs to your back door and starts hitting your sentry, you just look at your map and notice him. You have AT LEAST 30-45 seconds before that Isic is going to be able to get through the sentry’s shield. Just run over there and either kill him or make him retreat. The sentry will start recharging his shield. So simple. Later game, backdooring becomes a bit faster, but you still have plenty of time to stop it, and you can also just push the 4v5 and drop the opposing sentry really fast.

It seems some people want to just be able to completely ignore their surroundings. They just want to look straight ahead and shoot stuff.


This is the point…you can’t see him and get no notification…If people really wanted to win there whole team, except maybe a Thorn to stay back and clear lanes, would do this at once.

But you can see him getting attacked. There is a bar on top of the screen that flashes an exclamation point when the Sentry sees it’s attacker. U can also look at your map and notice the green shield have a red ping over it. If they added a shield bar like I said, u would also see that being depleted.

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It wouldn’t be an issue but they take ZERO damage when backdooring…this is the biggest problem IMO. The announcement system is bugged and doesn’t give you warning most of the time. Combine these two things and it’s BS.

Just imagine a tournament or something. It would be Benedict, ISIC, etc. and maybe OM. They will all just manipulate the sentry AI to where the enemy team will not be notified and they cant be damage and kill the sentry. This isn’t beating a player, it’s beating a computer.

I agree that backdooring should be possible to some degree, but right now most backdoors are just cheese until they fix these things. Many people have abandoned Incursion entirely because of this.

@davidsgarbageacc you really disagree that if you are damaging the sentry it should damage you? In no other MOBA does this happen. Someone has to tank some damage if you want to attack the sentry.

I do think the sentry could use a bit smarter AI, but I don’t really see it as too much of an issue. It’s still easy to stop backdoor.

It’s hard to compare it too much to the rules of other mobas. There’s only one lane, the sentries are a lot tanker than towers, and there are less minions.

I agree it’s easy if you get notifications etc. but at high levels it will not be easy. Not to mention in close games OM just cloaks and drops a combo with a minute left to take 10 points off the sentry for win, even though you’ve controlled the middle whole game, etc. There is no notification for that as it’s over in 2 seconds. If the sentry actually targeted him he’d be dead.

All these things combined make Incursion very unenjoyable against people who know what they’re doing and will do anything to win.

I actually enjoy Incursion when this doesn’t happen, but right now Meltdown has to be the most competitive game type. The best team will win almost every time, because there is no manipulating computers.

It does not take only 10 seconds to kill the sentry. You still have 20-30 seconds befoere he starts hurting the sentry. And late game, death timers are much longer so if u just kill OM, u now have 4v5 for a good 45 seconds.

Also, if there’s only a minute left, why are u not watching for a backdoor? That should pretty much be expected at that point if the other team isnt winning.

OM can cloak and go into your sentry and drop nade/ult and it will take the shield plus health. This can’t be stopped, even if you are expecting it, because he is invis.

We will have to agree to disagree man. Nothing I will say will change your mind, and nothing you will say will convince me it’s not cheap and non-competitive.

Edit: But at least we got a lot of replies on this thread to hopefully get it some attention; this way we can hopefully get the devs to weigh in.

Wait but one stealth airstrike by itself won’t take health. I’ve tried it so many times in desperate games haha

I’ve had it happen to me before for sure. Nade/ultimate and we kill him but it takes a few health. Thorn can do this as well but take like 10 health along with shield. And you can’t really stop her either when the jumping.

The changes recommended will make incursion a more competitive game mode. I don’t think there’s any arguing that. Even if they don’t make the shield immune, but maybe 50% less from player damage and make the sentry damage enemies who are damaging it from ANYWHERE…and the best team will win everytime

i think you’re misunderstanding that there is more than one kind of backdooring. let me give you an example. it is probably the same example that @asiahmillertime is giving you. last night we were playing a game of incursion. it was at least halfway through the game, time-wise. We had control of middle map basically the whole game. There was a bit of a fight for middle thrall at one point, but we secured middle thrall. so we had control of middle map, and had just won mid thrall, usually this does and should result in what will be a good push. but what happened instead? immediately after middle thrall was capped, the other team would sneak players into our bunker, shard area, or perch and just ignore middle map entirely and take out our sentry behind us before we even really realized what was going on.

now you might say that this is smart. i suppose stealing tons of money from the bank when you play monopoly is probably smart too, but it is REALLY weak. if you can’t control middle map, cant win the fight for middle thrall, then you dont deserve the right to damage the sentry.

it put us in a position we should not have been in. do we fall back to protect our sentry? or do we push up with the middle thrall and middle map control we just earned? we should not be put in that position.
@Jythri is this intended? ive seen many threads about sentry damage and backdooring, but never really a statement from you guys if the game mode mechanic is one that you guys are ok with people ignoring, or if this is unintended

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