A simple thank you for making this character

I honestly can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a character as much as I have with Benedict with the short time I have in the beta. Everything about this guy is fun! From just his normal chatter to his gameplay I love it. Especially love some of the stuff he says if you happen to run into another Benedict, too good. Even his taunts being dances from the Bluth family from Arrested Development are godlike.

So yea, thanks for making such a dope character. Been making it hard trying out other characters heh.

“Hey look! It’s Benedict! I love that guy”

Benedict sure has great chatter. ;p Loving this appreciation topic btw. Ben deserves it.

I’ve also heard him say to other Benedicts,

“Damn they cloned me? That’s smart thinking!”

Or when you kill another Benedict

“I even look good dead!”

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He’s just such a joy to play regardless of what game mode you’re in; I love getting that eagle-eye view of the story mission maps and being able to launch myself up to areas other characters have to take the long way on.

Hmm… story mission with 5 Benedicts… that could be fun. :smiley:

kill a ghalt its great what he says :smiley:

Beta is over, please spoiler what he said. :smiley:

i forget the words but something like

Hey i killed ghalt, OMG I KILLED GHALT!

Benedict, a true badass. XD