A Sincere Apology


Without rehashing all the details, a couple years ago (ish) I had some unpleasant drama with a few of you fine people.

The fault was completely mine, and I have no excuse except that I was drinking so much and feeling so incredibly depressed / unhealthy / alone / isolated that I truly believe that I was losing my mind and losing my grip on reality.

I’ve been (mostly, except for a couple months after my dog died last September) fully off the booze since shortly after that happened, and have made great strides forward mental health wise.

These last almost 8 full weeks of finally doing my walking / daily exercise / eating better honestly have me feeling like a new person, both physically and mentally, and I am ashamed about so many of the things that “Old Dave” did in my dark years.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this.

I am trying to move forward with positivity!

EDIT: @VaultHunter101 could you please help me disseminate this?


I wasn’t around for that, but I’m glad your life and health are taking a more positive direction!


Thank you kindly.


In some way that’s a testimony to our nice community. Feels good to be here.
But first a big :+1: to you.
Right now you are an inspiration for me and I love the pic you shared in the What have you done thread.

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Thank you, truly.

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Thank you for this dude. I have a lot of these same issues, and then some, but I am also on a program in an attempt to heal myself. I gotta tell you, even in the anonymous wild west that is the internet, hearing the testimonies of others suffering in the same way is valuable to me. I love this community and have often feared I’d get on here and do something stupid to ruin it while under the influence. Good on you for taking steps toward making ammends.



Reading it now… It’s not what I made it sound like. :flushed:
I couldn’t remember the What did you do in your most recent session, BL2 name.

Sorry for creating false hope. :wink:

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