A skilltree idea

For my defense, i am not the only and not the first one to do that. xD
It might be considered a waste of time because the devs will simply not care but its fun. :o
So here is a little interpretation of how i would imagine moze with a proper balanced actionskill.

I tried to touch her own skills as few as possible because she is my main and i really love her and i dont want to implicate that something is wrong with herself. She is really fine for most parts.
I just changed the way iron bear is used, to give it a bit more variation.

“F” to mount iron bear as usual, hold “F” to spawn him on your side
and hold “F” when he is spawned, to mark a target.

All weapons just stand on their own and and are not “base weapon” and “augment”.
(thats just a waste of space, isnt it?)

Everything without a comment just stays at it is.


Love the idea, Love the execution, gives everybody what they want. They could either have Deathtrap, the current Bear or a mix between the two. It would be in line with the other new Vault Hunters since some of their Action Skills are reworks of old Action Skills from previous games.
I would be very happy if this is what I saw if Moze had a rework.


there are obviously some flaws and lazy fillers when you look closer
but i just made this kinda quick, only to demonstrate what moze and iron bear COULD have been

I get your idea enough to be overexcited about it.
It would be cool to see a “finished” build / Idea about this.


well if you take this iron bear concept and combine it with your skilltree changes, it would already make a pretty solid product :stuck_out_tongue:


updated the whole thing to make it look more clean and also changed a few skills
as few as possible

Honestly its gets really tiring hearing you make topic after topic after topic fundamentally trying to change Moze so you can just summon IB rather then get in.

That’s not what the devs intended. This is not what moze is. Mozes main appeal to me and many others is being able to pilot a big , bad ass mech. We get it, you don’t like that and hop in and out to proc annointments which IMO is the most boring and brain dead way to use Moze and I immediately disregard any build built around that method

I and most Moze player like Moze because she’s Moze that can drive a big ass mech and blow **** up

You dont like her action skill, then you dont like moze and need to play another vault Hunter. It’s that simple , because its extremely clear what you want is not what the devs ever intended for moze.

IB is not Deathtrap and hes not Axton or Roland’s turret . Both were my mains and even I’m sick of turrets .

The sooner you accept moze is a character defined by driving a mech as her action skill the better you will be . She’s not going to change


nah, i made this topic 2 weeks ago
i’m just bored, waiting for MH 2.0, doing some creative work
you are not being forced to look at it :slight_smile:

You bumped a two like, 4 reply topic with an update, making it return to the top, and making it act as a new topic.

Two weeks ago, the topic was let die because we ignored it.

Now, after two weeks of the same thing being repeated over and over, it’s exhausting.


well, i updated it :smiley:
editing my OP does not show anyone that i did :slight_smile:

…you commented “I updated this”


because i did :slight_smile:
i uploaded a completely new picture to the OP

i am actually entering and exiting IB, just to get some co-op play for 15 seconds and have him shoot target softening at my enemies and pulling some of their fire from me :smiley:

Well that’s great , but that’s not how the skill is supposed to be used. Moze is about driving a mech.

At this point I realize I’m bumping your topic so will stop responding. I suggest you play a different VH


I think you won’t tell me how I am supposed to play moze :v
But keep playing borderlands taxi simulator :v