A skin dropped from the Sponx is bugged

A little boss, Sponx, which is in Subconscious, an area in DLC Claptastic Voyage, can drop a purple skin. But no matter what character I used it alway dropped a purple fragtrap skin called Couch Cushion,it can’t drop other characters’ skin at all. I have spent lots of time on farming my Ahena’s skin called Flower Power but I can’t get it. Is it a bug? gearbox please fix it!

I think it might be. I’m noticing the same thing. I have a save at the point just before the first kill (aka “story mode”) and no skins are dropped at all during the story. Afterwords, in repeated kills, only Fragtrap Couch Cushion is dropped, as you indicated. I know how the RNG works, I completed all the game up to this point and got all the skins (which took a couple days of repeated farming for some), so I know how hard it can be to get a particular skin, and all that experience tells me something is off about this one. By now, I should have gotten SOME character skin other than this one.

I’m suspecting that too. Just been trying to farm the Doppelganger skin for the last two days and have only got a ton of Couch Cushions.

Tried to look online about this, but this thread seems to be the only one that’s mentioned as well, so I figured I’d share my own frustrations on this. Now that I know, I can thankfully put it aside for now and it’s not just my bad luck, haha.

Here’s some interesting info for you guys…

I have been trying to get the Sponx customizations for Aurelia and Nisha without any luck. The Sponx always seems to drop Couch Cushion if it drops a customization. The weird thing is that somehow my Athena, Jack and Wilhelm have the Sponx customizations listed in the Google Sheet, but I don’t remember getting them.