A Slam-Amp Virtuous Cycle?

Am I right to think this will create a cycle of steadily escalating damage?

A 10/5 PD Bloodletter, a Snowshoe or Red Card with the on break amp damage anoint, a Knife Drain Launchpad, and your favorite rocket launcher (preferably something with unlisted projectiles, like the Plaguebearer).

Do a slam, which breaks then heals your shield, then fire an amped shot. Between PD, the amped shot and Groundbreaker, the damage dealt by your slam and amped shot should increase with each cycle until you run out of mobs. You should be able to push that even further with the 160 splash anoint, since it increases both damage and shields.


Oh yeah, it works. Just got a 2 minute TTD Wotan kill:


Could you improve your time with a scourge and perhaps a frozen heart or nova berner maybe?

I’ve been experimenting with different launchers; the ones with unlisted projectiles perform the best, so I don’t see why a Scourge wouldn’t work – I just haven’t farmed any at level 60.

I want to be able to trigger shield break at will, so I need to use one of the two slide shields (Snowshoe or Red Card) in combination with a Launchpad artifact.

Also a 2 minute TTD Wotan clear is pretty good performance in my book.

EDIT: Okay, I’m dumb. Slams don’t count as a slide, so a Rear Ender doesn’t work with the nova shields.


A snowdrift or maybe Rocket Boots?

Did some further testing. Needs to be a slam relic in order to benefit from Groundbreaker, so Knife Drain Launchpad is your best option.

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