A slide build ! seems weak right?

well the Moze slide build was my favorite since M3 but with mayhem 4 it got more and more weaker and felt like it doesn’t deal any damage at all… Until !!
we got this awesome big boy … Frozen snowshoe … the ultimate slide nova blast bla bla bla …

here is how it ended up

well this build is mainly for mopping … and remember, ur BIGGEST nemesis is cryo … if u see one using it … foucs him 1st or ur gonna die … probably.

i feel like it’s gonna get nerfed idk why xD


Really smart build dude props. Seems like such a simple interaction to think of but I never even considered it. Nova being returned as health + Bloodletter. Beautiful .


I’ve got a nova on IB entry exit version of this shield in the bank ready to do just this. Still hunting for the right Bloodletter mod. Worthy.

nah u really need the 75% extra hp and shield that’s a mustbecause higher hp means higher shield because of thin red line skill 6/3 120% shield of ur hp is huuuge

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That also raises the nova damage and inturn, health(shield) regen

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This makes sense. Thanks lads
However the IB nova skill gives the health return on entry and exit. So there’s benefits.
But I think your way is better. :slight_smile:

You can try it out with the gain from the 160% splash anoints to get a rough estimate of how it’ll work

We were actually talking about the Bloodletter/Snowshoe interaction in a “WIP Frozen Heart Moze” thread, but I never would have thought the healing would work properly on a 1-HP build. Don’t think we thought about using the splash anoint to pump the damage up either, kudos.


I dont think it would raise the damage in that way; splash may work (more with a rocketboots/ snowdrift artifact); however I was leaning towards the increased shield capacity (75%) as the damage is based on whats being depleted

160 splash annointment boosts shields too, and stacks with the shield annoint. Just saying.

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Yes; thats exactly what i meant

For a rough estimate of how the 75% h/s shield anointment will do
Having them together (might need tenacious defence here) should be quite powerful too

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Got a genuine chuckle out of this. Thanks OP.

Messed around with the Snowdrift, Caustic Coast and Rocket Boots as well, but since there is travel time on the heal, you want something that gets you right up on the target.