A small addition that could make Attack Commands feel less clunky

While Gamma Burst or Fade Away are active, the action skill button doesn’t need to be held down to trigger Attack Command. This would work similar to how Zane targets enemies with his drone. Wish I could say while Action Skill is active, but Rakk Attack wouldn’t really work for this idea.


I have got used to the excessively long button press to issue the Attack Command, my biggest complaint now is the reluctance of the Attack Command itself. A lot of the time, for me anyhow, my pet will ignore the AC entirely.


I agree, there is a long delay between the input and the pet action and depending on what goes on during the delay AC can be ignored


Yeah. That delay is quite noticeable and easily replicated. But I believe that without the long button holding it could alleviate this a bit, since the trigger is more immediate to what you’re pointing. Seeing how while you’re holding the button the pet might decide to do something else before the input is given.

If you issue AC immediately after casting an Action Skill the button press seems much less intrusive.

However the pet going through with the AC in a timely manner is at their own discretion.

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Yeah, seems the game is still registering the Action Skill button as pressed making the Attack Command going off much smoother. As for the AI of the Pets… idk guess FL4K is a bad Beastmaster.


Like your idea but, I was always fond of the while your aiming down the sights pressing the button activates AC and you activate action skill by doing it while not holding down the aiming it down so that way you can use it for Rakk attack as well.

We’re supposed to use the Attack Command?

(inevitably, someone will think I am being serious. This is a joke about how little I bother with it since it feels so out of the way and clunky to use in most situations when I’m trying to focus on my own fight. Not fond of constantly micromanaging my pet)

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THIS^…holy crap

My insta-teleporting Queen Spiderant just ignores me damn near everytime…part of the reason I hate pet classes…not dependable

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So after waiting to see if they would improve attack command in this latest update, I wish to once again discuss this idea. I really feel it needs to be discussed having played with Zane’s drone after a break from the game waiting for the DLC updates. Zane’s SNTL targeting is so quick, smooth and responsive. You just quick-tap the action skill button while the drone is active and it attacks with so little delay. Why can’t FL4K have this while using its Action Skill?

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Might be because one of Fl4k’s Action Skill won’t let that happen.

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I did specify that, yes. But better to try get something than nothing. Right?

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Given that the game is coming to the end of its support life, in all likelihood, worth mentioning this is still an issue.
Hope they can do something to fix AC triggering faster, before moving on completely, but who knows?

Honestly, I tried the Cmdlet for the first time this week. I still dislike the design of the COM overall, but GOOD GOD I didn’t expect to love automated attack commands so much. The COM makes them so much more responsive it’s ridiculous. I’m actually extremely sad I can’t make it work for any of my builds, because I would use it if I could. It makes such a huge difference to the usability of attack commands.


If only the Cmdlt boosted Sic Em . . .