A small but limiting glitch

I play on the PS4 and there is this bug I have ran into twice now (Which is pretty rare though). It seems to be at the start of a match where when I spawn for the first time, I can’t see my gun/hands, I can’t run, do basic attacks, etc. All I can do is walk pretty much and maybe jump. After dying, this seems to be fixed and I spawn correctly. This happened on two different characters. Also the screen gets kind of shaky when it happens. If you need a video then I can upload one.

I’ve seen someone on youtube having a similar same problem with Rath at the start of the game. He had no sword, just his hands, and seemed to only be able to walk around (and jump IIRC). And it was fixed after one death, just the same. ( I unfortunately do not remember which video it was)

That sounds exactly like mine. For me it happened with Gililea and Shayne. I didn’t upload the video because my upload speeds are slow and I figured someone else already has for this issue. If the developers need the video then I can upload it later though.