A Soliloquy of Chaos (Rumble)

Aside: Any hip-hop heads recognize that title? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think Chaos Rumble needs to be retooled, and I think I might have an idea (or… 20) on how to do so. Why not make it like a “Match of the Day/Week” kind of thing like in Smite and that one game that rhymes with… er… Shmo…ver…watch? Yeah, Shmoverwatch. Ahem.

Considering the plethora of themes within Battleborn, the possibilities are endless (well, not really, but you get what I’m saying… right?). Here are a few that I’ve come up with…

Shayne’s MAZE of MADNESS - any 5-man mode (including Story); Mellka, Phoebe, Shayne, Beatrix, and Galilea
OMGWTF - any PvP mode; Whiskey Foxtrot and Oscar Mike
The Empire Strikes Back for the 1st Time for the Last Time - Incursion; one team Jennerit, everyone else is a character from any other faction
Shards of Ekkunar - Ekkunar PvP maps or Story missions; only Eldrid characters
Brotherhood of the Mikes - Capture, only Oscar Mike
Battlebroken - Meltdown, but you only score points from player kills
Meateaters - any PvP mode; only tanks and brawlers
Fire, Water, and Darkness - 3v3 Incursion; Galilea, Ambra, and Alani
Perfect Chaos - any PvP mode; health and shields are doubled, CDR at 75%
etc etc…

That just a small (cough) selection of some of the possibilities that could be done with the game, at least in my opinion. Questions, comments, concerns?


“Orendi banned in this game mode.”

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We played as an only OM team during the last chaos rumble. Nothing like watching 5 simultaneous nade/air strikes straight out of cloak. Sentry just melts.

I had suggested for another form of chaos during the next one, no gear restriction. You want 3 cool downs? Stack 3 pain 2 gains? Go for it.
Want to stack 3 Go-Go’s, Go Go for it. (I’d actually love to see that…)


Nah, 3 pangenesis glyph on kelvin with a pocket miko

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That’s quite a lot of heals for one Galilea. She’ll never die. xD

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Idk if you’ve seen, but their goal is to have a weekly Rumble, like reduced gravity, larger heads, not very themed but more magic dev kit stuff. These all sound great though

Pretty sure this will break Orendi haha. And give Mellka wave clear back