A solution, if possible, to matchmaking

I have been waiting for someone to mention this and if they ahve I apologize and you can direct me to the thread, but here it goes

Battleborn should be implemented a re orginization of teams that aren’t premade after the first match. It sucks seeing 5 high levels against 5 low levels, but if the matches are able to re adjust after the first game, I think alot of people will feel more welcome to want to continue to play. Outside of random stages on the first go instead of voting too, I think this would be great for the people who don’t join via premade. It also give me insentive to pummel the guy who taunts the lower level’s after a victory instead of just keeping them on my team (any chance is better than none)

If anybody has played call of duty you know what I am talking about

They already added where teams can stay in matchmaing with a patch so is it possible to patch this into the game? I think it would be very beneficial.

I know some people don’t mind playing with players of varying skill levels, but I don’t think this game operates similarly to CoD where a system like this would have success for such an endeavor.

CoD matches can be carried by individuals players due to the ease of killing whereas Battleborn truly takes a team effort. Just having one player below everyone elses’ skill level can unfortunately tank a team.

I personally would leave the match if I knew that I was going to have a few less experienced players on my team. Why stay when I can potentially find a better game?

But maybe I’m biased because my platform doesn’t have the long queue times commonly reported on these forums.

In my opinion, their time and effort would be better spent on reimplementing a competitive queue with much tighter ELO parameters.

The overall match quality was bad back with a 100 ELO range, but at least then I wouldn’t be playing new players, below CR 10. Ever since the ELO range was changed to 200, just about every oyher game I play has at least two new players.

I can only assume they don’t enjoy being destroyed, and I certainly don’t enjoy destroying them.

These ELO ranges may be hurting the games growth, and most likely lessening everyones’ enjoyment of the game.

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Apology accepted - Further matchmaking suggestion; team shuffle

They probably don’t enjoy not being able to find a match either because other players keep leaving the lobby. I’ve seen this happen to a lot of rookie players and I feel bad for them. If you don’t want to destroy new players then don’t, take it easy and focus on wave clearing or play a character you’re unfamiliar with. When I get matched with low CR players I go full ham and try to give them a good match, but against them I just kinda lull around and play catch-me-if-you-can rather than seek and destroy. Not every match is going to be equally skilled and competitive, give the rookies a chance, we were rookies once too.


I commend you! If only others behaved like this, then this game would be tremendous. Most of the time, these matches appear to be an opportunity for Rath or Marquis to try to get 40 kills.

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I’ll admit I’m not this sportsmanlike in every match like the ones described, mostly when I’m in a full party is when I go easy mode as with randoms you never really know what they’ll do and occasionally there’s a few particularly skilled players hiding amongst the low CRs who force you to play for the win.

One thing I don’t like is this idea of letting them win or surrendering, were it me I’d be highly insulted if my opponents openly let me kill them or surrendered when they were winning, it’s like a pity vote and I wont partake in patronising my opponents.


No, I’m not at all advocating letting them win. Just don’t hunt them down and kill them, time and again, like I see so many do. Focus on the objectives, like you said, and let them learn how to play the game by example.


Occasionally there’s that one player who has it in for you and REALLY wants you dead. I can only tolerate being targeted and chased for so long before I retaliate and taunt lol.
But I guess that in itself is a lesson, if you get tunnel vision and dive because you’re bloodthirsty, you will get punished for it.

Another thing I’m against is spawn camping, even if our opponents are all high CR and we’re still dominating, my group and I simply wont spawn camp. What’s the point, where’s the fun? We push the minion wave then fall back and wait in lane for the next wave and the next confrontation.


I think that this proposal would be very welcome. I played about 40 matches this weekend, and in at least half of them, my wife and I, both CR100, were teamed up with three players with CR below ten, and very often below five. The opposing team were all CR50+, and quite a few times, were all CR100. Obviously, we lost every one, and sometimes quite badly. We did stay teamed with the new players for as long as they wanted, but a reshuffling of the teams would have been nice. I think that we went about six wins and 34 losses all weekend. : (

This is the most heinous play. It would be nice if there were some way to retaliate against this, like using the reporting feature for grossly unsportsmanlike conduct.

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As I said my platform has never has issues with queue times. And if you, or others, want to spend more time in a terrible game then okay. However, I play this game for my enjoyment.

If it’s going to be a terrible game, then I’d rather end it as quickly as possible with the hope that my next game will be better. I’m not interested in extending the length of a bad match for others enjoyment while I suffer.

And arguably, every game should be as competitive as possible: that’s the whole point of having an ELO system. As of now, the quality of matches are akin to the old Casual queue that formed matches without using ELO.

I just kinda lull around and play catch-me-if-you-can rather than seek and destroy

Except that one time with Attikus rofl

I wasn’t suggesting this for ease of kills or better teams, just a different group to try and balance things out after a game. It is more team based true, but if players want to just jump out due to a loss then I won’t stop them But to have the same 5 players dominate everything isn’t fun for the opposing team and honestly you don’t grow as a player if you are not challenged.

Everybody gets one.

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What is an ELO rating and how can I view mine?

They can’t be viewed but are numeric values that assess a players skill level. They have been confirmed to exist behind the scenes by the developers.

The system for this game operates like this: each new player starts with a value of 1500, with the maximum value being 1700, and the minimum value being 1350. The average rise or drop after each match win or loss is approximately 10, with there being variables such as individual performance, match duration, etc.

The current ELO range for forming matches is 200. This means that a player with a maxed out ELO rating has the potential to play with or against players that could be playing their very first game.

Because the game’s player base is small, a wide range was needed for certain platforms to form matches more quickly, otherwise there may not be enough players in circulation to form a match of equivalently skilled players, causing long wait times while a lobby was being formed.

This was the idea behind the old queue types of Casual and Competitive. Casual would form matches without using ELO, to create a lobby as quickly as possible for player that had difficulty finding matches. Competitive would form matches using a tight ELO range, with the potential for long wait times, but the benefit of playing players near your skill level.

Many players disliked the merging of the gametypes, not being able to play the gametype that they prefered, so GBX reverted the queues back to how they were at launch and how they are now.

Before the switch to Casual and Competitive, the ELO range was 100. This was the range after it had already been widened once. Some platforms had still been experiencing long wait timesafter it was widened the first time, so when they reverted the queues back, the ELO range was widened again to 200. And that’s where we are now.


Where did you find all of this information?

Jythri posted a lot about this in the matchmaking threads during the week when the casual/competitive queues were implemented.


Jythri posted it, exactly as I described it. It’s in the thread ‘matchmaking changes 7/8’ if I recall correctly.

Devs posted it.

Probably why we run into the legendary Boldur and that one sweaty Japanese team after we’ve been on a win streak.


That guy f*cking terrifies me, don’t even mention him here.

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