A SOLUTION to the matching / training / Dojo testing issue without robots, no extra people, and no effort from Gearbox!

I feel so dumb I didn’t think of this before!
Some of you guys have probably been doing this for days and they rest of us just don’t know about it:

Let’s use the high MMR Super Helpers on here as test dummies in ranked and challenge matches!!!

  • FACT: MMRs mean nothing at this point. The Super Helpers said so and we shouldn’t worry about it.

  • FACT: We have a pool of high MMR players whose repeatedly stated goal is only to help Gearbox test this awesome game. They desperately want it to succeed and will help as needed.

  • FACT: Telling n00bs to suck it up and die with dignity isn’t stopping complaints or helping get the game tested.

  • FACT: There aren’t any robots for training or weapons testing. (It’s an early tech test you whiners!)

  • FACT: The matching system doesn’t. It is going to stick you in wildly inappropriate matchups where you will never even get to see how much damage your weapons do against a particular opponent or how well your defenses will hold up under normal circumstances.


  1. The high MMR Super Helpers will post regular updates on the forum here as to what hours they will be available to help. (Please don’t bother them on their off hours).

  2. The Super Helpers will periodically remind everyone of their availability to assist via messages in the Hangout chat windows by typing “I’m a Super Helper Test Dummy.”

  3. If you get matched with one of the Super Helpers during their ON hours, they will not fight back in the match. You can test your weapons and skills, bump your level, and your MMR will climb (while the Super Helper’s MMR falls - but that doesn’t matter - they said so).

  4. During a match, you can use chat to ask them to activate different skills or shoot a particular weapon - or even run around like a good test robot - without shooting back. Team audio chat would be great for this.

  5. If you are not in the continental United States, you aren’t supposed to be in this test. (How did you get a test key outside the US anyway?) Your reports and complaints will unfairly color the data, so make sure you tell everybody you are pinging from afar in the chat window and in any forum entries you make about this Technical Test.

  6. If you get matched with a non-Super-Helper, understand that you are going to insta-die many times as a fine mist hosed around the map. Try to do it with some dignity. Don’t get mad! Remember: It’s not personal. It’s just another gamer like you - with 600 times the XP - spamming that poo emoji at the other end. Don’t rage quit! And don’t forget to pick up your support crate after your 10-15 insta-deaths.

  7. If you are feeling like maybe you have what it takes to be a Super Helper, feel free to pair up with your friends or offer your services in open chat. Not everybody will have what it takes to be an excellent test dummy, but I am confident the Super Helpers will show us the way. Follow their lead.



What do you guys think? Who wants to the be the first Super Helper? (Not me. I have the totally wrong temperament for it.)

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If you dont want to play ranked, dont. Just ask to challenge someone or take it to arena. Also you cant even talk in ranked.

This would have been a good idea if it was posted before the last 18 hours of the test. If it’s going to be implemented, I’d say have it be an option you can toggle in the game client itself so you’re identified in the game as somebody that will teach others - it’s near impossible to convey anything like “I’m new and learning, what is this?” in a ranked match, and chatting in the fairly limited lobbies doesn’t really help much when you’re looking for assistance. But having an icon next to your name would tell players they can message you to ask questions or to do a challenge match to test some specific mechanic ingame. There’s been a few sessions with players on a Discord voice chat doing a bunch of arena testing with things, with great success.

This seems like a lot of work. If i need to click more than 1 button, it’s too much of a drag for me.