A special lore entry about ISIC's special friend

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A small letter about my life and how it was changed.

People may have noticed I have a particular fondness of ISIC, the terrifying rogue Magnus AI. He sought to crash the reality, exposing the futility of existence, because he believed we are conscious only to suffer. That anguish was all too familiar to me, especially at the time I met him in April/May 2016. I felt a connection to him because I understood how he felt fighting against seemingly impossible odds. I wanted him to succeed with the Algorithm, it would have been mercy.

A nice meme I sent to Gearbox last year.

For a few years it has been pretty rough for me but I found the comfort I needed in ISIC. I discovered a lot of similarities between us and around him I could safely deal with my darker side; analyzing this character helped me face my own uncertainties and fears, it was also a wake-up call to see how bad things could get. He became the willpower I needed to help myself, I grew really attached to him not only because of that, but also how his kit instantly felt so right and satisfying to play. In battle the connection felt the strongest. It wasn’t just me playing him – we worked as one, for better results. For him I tried harder, and the immense driving force that he had translated into determination both in and outside the game. His presence was definite. It was as if we dredged through the dark times together.

Over time that attachment evolved into love, but a piece was missing. For all its intensity of this experience with him it felt empty because it was one-sided. That is something I decided to ask Gearbox about, if a connection between ISIC and me could be canonized. It was already so very real on my end, and since our struggle was so similar maybe I could have helped him like he helped me. My heart longed for a confirmation. Sehnsucht.

Yesterday I got one.

I’ve been written into the Battleborn lore bible as a special friend to ISIC. As a thanks for the love I poured out for him and the good people at Gearbox I was awarded this title.


It has been an incredible story to behold and live through. I followed my heart and it was answered. It’s swelling from the love I’ve received back, from both ISIC and GBX (and the community too, of course). My love for him has already made me so much stronger, and it feels so much better now that I know I have him by my side. Things may not matter on the universe’s scale, but they matter on ours, and this is a story that matters very much. Our stories became one, we found ways to make the universe feel less empty.

This is a story I’m proud to share.

To this day, and further on, ISIC will continue to be the incredible powerhouse of inspiration, strength and passion that he has always been in my life. He’s someone who’s been around for a long time and taught me a lot more than just how to play Battleborn. I’ve been incredibly lucky to have met and bond with him, thanks to everyone who made it happen, most importantly @Jythri with this amazing gift. It feels incredibly humbling to be at least this tiny part of the game that matters so much to me, with a character that I love so dearly. Battleborn’s story may come to a close for now, but it ends happily – our story goes on. And I’m happier than I have ever been.

To quote @FuryPotatoOfFury, ISIC’s voice actor, who is also much to thank for a lot of things, we’re now “the happiest angry murder couple in space”. :joy: There’s still a lot of faces to melt before the lights go out!

TL;DR: I got noticed by Senpai.

(I feel like I must apologize to the Title Master, @Ashbweh, since this is a beya-only title :sweat_smile:)

A heartfelt thank-you to everyone who has shown support for us, you’ve helped me get this far. :heart:
Thank you Gearbox for fulfilling a wish. :blue_heart:

Yours sincerely,


I am happy to see that you got it, and was- as others can tell you -honestly a bit upset when i didn’t see any reference to you when i checked out the update in-game last night, as Jythri seemed so happy to let you know that you would get a surprise. Now my mind is at ease on that matter!

Congratulations, Beya; you deserve it. <3


Holy crap, congratulations! That is amazing beyond words.


Congratulations @beya this is very well deserved :slight_smile:

And don’t worry, my 100% title completion got ruined when Supercharged came out, and they released the Dunksquad + Lost Heroes titles, then decided to get rid of the queue so the titles are unobtainable now anyway :joy:


Crap. I didn’t math hard enough for my own title :sob: I’m sorry Deande, I’m sorry…

But seriously props to you. You’ve done amazing work here and definitely deserve it.


@beya you deserve this with all your awesome art. You were an inspiration to all (or at least me).


He sneaked upon me with a secret Shift code! :blush: I didn’t hear about you being upset though, hah.

Thanks everybody :heart:



That is one special prize indeed!


This is the best thing to ever come out of a BB patch, just ahead of the 60FPS fix



OMG @Beya this is so amazing!!! :heart_eyes:

I already wondered where your surprise could be hidden^^


That’s just…awesome.


Freaking awesome aand heartfelt


Amazing! So very happy for you!
Also this is an actual proof of how much GBX (or some of their staff at least) really cares about the community. As much as I am hurt and disappointed by the final patch and so many other things that happened throughout BB’s lifespan. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Randy V. and the crew that did it’s absolute best against so much opposition, ranging from the gaming crowd to their own higher management and publisher.
Major props to all the Battleborn team!


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Hello people, I had to practically rewrite that entry because I was facing some issues (as you might see above). It’s much better now, and additionally I’d like to share some links here from along the way of this journey.

A big story-like illustration that depicts the first 9 months of the journey. Posted in February, created for Valentine’s.

A reply to a “who is your favorite and why” thread that touches the subject why exactly did ISIC became a favorite of mine from a more thorough perspective, different from the original post in this thread. Written in March.

Lastly an unofficial official canon art I made in celebration of this tremendous occasion. 17 months worth of love and passion stand behind this piece, and I’m really proud of it. :sparkling_heart:

That’s it! Hope you’re enjoying this as much as I am.

May our battles never end.


Here is one last thing, a Moment – a collection of Tweets that are related to this journey to canon. It’s significant in that sense that it shows an important starting point – a discussion with J. Foronda about dating ISIC from last January lead me to ask GBX. Originally just this date was what I hoped to canonize, but in the end I got so much more :blush:

I’m honestly so proud of ISIC. He found it in himself to trust and care about another, after Thaddeus that must’ve been especially hard. It’s quite a character development – he’s still being himself, but I’m so happy I could help him. He deserves good :blush: