A Storm Project Custom maps [Updated]

Greetings and salutations! Long time no see and this is WAY overdue. My apologies and without further ado.

So! I went through and ‘updated’ the download links and the files. I took out the installer that people had a problem with instead of re-writing them. So now they are just rar’d up ready to extract and put into their respective folders.

In this post are links to the downloads, descriptions and the videos for

  • Borderlands Scaling
  • The Fifth Column
  • Zombie Infestation


ASP: Borderlands Scaling. Download Link - Video Link
This map Pack was created to update and in some ways improve the old Borderlands maps for PC. The idea started off to simply scale all the original enemies to post Knoxx levels. From there the project took off from just a scaling project to a full blown mod. Unfortunately/Fortunately GBX/2K, well after this project was in production, announced that they were going to scale the game. Props to them for doing it!

What has been changed/added?

  • Enemies scale from 70-78ish
  • New Bosses added
  • Chests and Vending machines are updated & new ones added
  • Most Lockers, Skag Piles are updated
  • Some old bosses have been partially remade to make them more difficult.
  • Boss weapon drops are scaled (excluding chance encounters)
  • Chance Encounter system has been added to some maps
    – Chance encounters are areas where a boss might spawn at any given time during a fight
  • Vehicles from Knoxx have been implemented
  • All bosses (excluding Chance Encounters) may drop Pearl Weapons

ASP: The Fifth Column: Download Link - Video Link

What is TFC?
TFC is a small project involving scaled enemies and weapons to a post knoxx level. It is not meant to be flashy with movies or intense plots. It is meant to bring an additional area post Knoxx for people to go and take on some of the original vanillla bosses.

After Knoxx took over Marcus, Helena and other bosses from Pandora fled to a small hideaway called The Fifth Column. Here Marcus and Helena have work for you in the form of kill, or be killed for a reward.

Knoxx DLC
Oasis Map Hub

ASP: Zombie Infestation: Download Link - No video yet! (yet!)

What is ZInf?
ZInf is a straight up zombie horror survival mod that plays out in Black and White. (can change to color on the wall at spawn)

You have been captured by Dr.Ned and sent to his testing facility on the outskirts of Jakobs Cove. A gaming reserve designed to test Dr.Ned’s creations. You, are the game. You awaken in a small underground hall with a large door in the distance. A simple vending machine lingers on the left with its invaluable supplies of ammo. After refilling your supplies you head for the only way out. Approaching the door it eerily opens with a creaking that sends shivers down your spine. As the door continues to open you notice how the darkness has an unsavory depth with a hint of sulfur in the air. In the distance you can see faint lights glimmering off of a strange building. With your backlight and trusted arsenal you do what any good adventurer would do. You investigate!

Borderlands & All 4 DLC’s.
(Might!! work w/o Moxxie/Knoxx but that is untested.)
(And you should have all of them by now anyways!)

Q: Who is ADA?
ADA stands for “Artificial Difficulty Adjuster”. I came up with her since I can’t actually add an in-game slider. She is a small working prototype that controls the difficulty but I left out a lot of kismet & features for this tiny map.

ADA has an attitude and may penalize your elite zombie killing skills by:

  • Decreasing Ammo Regen speed
  • Slowly drain your health
  • Draining your shield
  • Disabling your Action Skill
  • Adding more enemies…
  • Other

She can also give you time limited bonuses like:

  • Increasing your shield Regen rate
  • Temporarily giving you near invincibility
  • Regenerating your action skill
  • Regenerating your ammo
  • Helping out with the dark areas by offering a ghostly friend to light the way.
  • Spawning a new player character who helps kill things. Who ya gonna call?

So, vanilla game, Zed, Claptrap bosses can drop pearls with this mod? Awesome!!

Whoa, hey Storm! Damn where did you sprung up from!? XD

I was being held captive in this weird little room under old haven. If I see another leg lamp I think I’ll lose my mind!

Don’t do much gaming or anything but went to check out the forums to see what was going on and figured while I was at it I’d just fix things that were wrong with my old maps. Started dabbling with the editor a bit as well for the heck of it.

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Good to see, it was getting boring with just me and Sleepy still making Custom Content on our lonesome. XD

Can see how that can be a possible motivation killer with so few doing custom content.

Not sure if I’ll release anything at this time. Though, I do have an idea that I wanted to tinker with to see if it’ll work. Have to kind of re-learn everything all over again first. Fun times.

Aye, we always have a spot open on the 5th DLC project. :joy:

Thanks for the thought but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be much help on that. Would love to have a look at a few early works of the maps to dabble with and send back to you with whatever changes. Even if finished.

You mean our maps?

Your. :slight_smile:

(Our, me and Sleepmaster share our work. Yes I made the maps. But is our DLC) Well we could always use someone extra on the team.

Hey Storm.

I linked this tread on ShadowEvil’s Discord. Hopefully this sickeningly AWESOME mod gets more publicity that way. :smiley:

Tried to play the scaling mod but i keep on getting the crimson lance chest map.

Could you or someone please reupload the map thankyou.

Update: i fixed by downloaded the pack from custom map thread that included your mappack.

I actually cannot believe this doesn’t have more recognition. I downloaded all of your content today and I’ve been playing it for hours on end. You have some serious talent! I’m looking forward to more creations from you. Thank you so much for your effort and time in making this stuff. <3

Does anyone still have the Borderlands Scaling mod? The link’s dead.