A story close to my heart

so i want to apologise in advance i am not looking for pity but i would like to ask a favour of the community to help me to get my story directly to gearbox themselves.

so here is the start borderlands 1! when the first title in the franchise was announced me and my step dad couldn’t wait to get our hands on it and play thru it together to start with we bought one copy of the game and we got around half way thru it at this point and birthday comes around i unwrap all my presents and i got my very own copy of the game! this changed everything we sat for hours sometimes even 15 hours at a time just grinding through killing bosses having fun in Pandora (he was always Roland and i was always Lilith) there was so much to do and so much fun to be had.

and then borderlands 2 comes around we had to have 2 copies straight away there was no going back to split screen now so we did end up picking 2 copies of borderlands 2 up and experiencing it for the first time was awesome just awesome i couldn’t have asked for a better vault hunter by my side we made so many memories and had so many laughs.

but sadly my step dad/vault hunting buddy passed away 7 months ago in a car accident.
i would like to ask gearbox if i sent a picture or a borderlands poster into their studio would you please sign it so that i can put it with my dads memorial to remember the good times when we kicked ass on Pandora together

thanks for reading and i’m sorry for lack of punctuation and spelling mistakes