A suggestion... Crafting

Being able to disassemble your guns into the parts that make them up, and then reassemble with other parts you have to make the gun better. Also with grenade mods and possibly shields. This is something I’ve been wanting to see implemented since the original Borderlands game. And since all the parts are already being used by the game engine in this randomizer system, it really shouldn’t be too hard to just give the player the ability to take the parts and assemble them into guns/grenades/shields. You’d still have to grind for equipment to take apart to get the parts you would want to make your perfect stuff. Limitations could be utilized to make sure people don’t just put everything on one gun or whatever. The same limitations that are already used by the game for the random drops. I think this is a really good idea and I know that I would enjoy it, and the game a whole lot more if I was able to do this. Not to mention, this is basically what hackers/modders have been doing with the games since the original. There could be a workbench in Sanctuary, probably somewhere near Marcus’ area, where you could do it. You could even have Marcus start selling the parts individually. What do the rest of you think?


Yeah, I’ve never really understood why the guns have ‘parts’.

I believe it does something to modify the gun, but to me i see it as purely cosmetic and unless the gun rolls what I want from a stat perspective, it just gets canned.

I don’t think i’ve ever reviewed the parts on a gun.

Your suggestion would make it more useful but suspect it would limit the guns/parts being used.

Could have worked in BL2, in 3 I think the parts system would be too complex to handle comfortably, there are just many parts per gun and you would soon be hoarding them by the hundreds. Also, I think the parts can’t be used in another manufacturer this time (?) since all guns look radically different.

That said I could go for some accessory customization, like elements, scope and maybe alien barrel.

I would love to see something like that. A craft system would give more things to do.

Borderlands has never had a crafting system and may never will. Borderlands 3 has a lot more content at launch than previous games.

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Each part effects the stats of the gun.

I think that it could work with limitations like only using parts of the same weapon category i.e. only being able to use pistol parts to make a pistol, shotgun parts to make a shotgun etc., and also being limited to only one manufacturer’s parts per weapon like only DAHL parts to make a DAHL weapon, Torgue parts For a Torgue weapon and so on.

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I think there would also be a limit on how many slots for parts. There would be the parts that would be mandatory, then the optional extra parts that would be limited on how many can be added.