A suggestion for a new feature. May be controversial though

After completing TVHM’s story, reaching level 50 and finishing all the side quests (excluding Circles of Slaughter), what else is there to do? Sure I can keep farming bosses, but eventually I will get tired of that. Resetting the missions, which I assume means going through the story again together with side quests, sounds like a chore with those unskippable cutscenes and standing around listening to NPCs talk when I’ll rather be shooting stuff.

So here’s my controversial suggestion: borrow an idea from Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls, specifically Bounties in D3’s Adventure Mode. The game generates infinite random quests with simple objectives like “Go to this place and kill this elite enemy” or “Interact with that object deep inside an enemy-infested dungeon”. Each time the player exits and re-enters the game, Bounties from the previous session are deleted and a new set of Bounty quests appear. Completing each Bounty gives XP and loot, completing every Bounty in an area (without exiting the game) gives a chest with more loot.

If added to Borderlands 3, this lets the player farm for gear in a way that allows roleplaying. It’s better than going through the story over and over again when I run out of things to do.


Feature like this already exists in BL3 but is based on your friends activities and rare spawns.

I prefer new content instead recurring random quests à la Skyrims or Kingdoms of Amalurs endless assassination bounty quests … because they become boring very very fast. We need new content, new regions, new architecture, new characters, new gear, new enemies, new bosses, new stories … to make it short - More Planets and please not only such tiny ones like Athenas.

I would also say new Vaults, but because the Vaults in BL3 were all boring and filled with trash, I don’t really care for Vaults (new or not) anymore now. For the DLCs I expect each to be at least a new Planet of the size of Pandora or Eden-6 and nothing less.

Am in the same situation. Not a farmer. Like to find new stuff random but want to see and do something new. Not repeat same things many times. This is BL3…already happened twice back…a third time we should spend time repeating and repeating things ? No thanks. Will wait for DLCs, great, but in the meantime play something else. Hope to see new events or anything else that can attract us often to this title.

I like the idea because it would be a simple filler that could be created with relatively little effort by the programmers. As long as no exclusive reward would be gated behind it it would be a nice excuse to go to obscure areas of the game where you go once and never again.

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I think the op idea could work if they were procedurally generated dungeons with some number of treasure chests and special bosses throughout. Gearbox is experienced with procedurally generated content, so I could imagine this working.

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And what is the % of such an idea going into production, considering we are now in 3rd version of the game and current status of socials, etc ? Are we talking about fried air or could it happen ?

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I don’t know that it would ever go into production. It’s more that the OP was proposing ideas they like. The current game looks to have tons of incoming content and I doubt they’ll need filer content like that for a long time. Maybe in later phases of the game lifecycle they’ll consider it, but at this point, there’s already a ton to do.

Pretty sad when the homeboy Traunt has more chests than any vault, five.

I’d like for more direction at end-game, and something like the bounties from Diablo 3 wouldn’t hurt.

Something I’ve wanted is for “quests” that send you to the start of a specific level, and then walks you through the level via objectives to hit every single named enemy/hunt/boss, culminating with the natural end-boss of that level or the hardest named at the end. It would only reveal named hunts you’ve already found (either encouraging exploration beforehand or during the ‘quest’ run). And then at the end, I get a reward package with lootz (like, an actual reward package with actual loot, not whatever they think they’re dropping now for completing content).

Really, it’s just direction for something I do anyway, but it’s a ‘strike’ in the Borderlands style - go forth and kill all the bosses.

What chests? I know about 3 (1x red and 2x white) in Athenas after defeating Traunt.

Back track the door you fell from, 2 more white chests (with a good chance of legendary loot).

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I agree the devs are already too busy with upcoming DLCs to create this feature. I was just presenting my idea hoping they will consider adding it as a neverending side activity. Compared to, say, adding new maps or new enemy types, bounties are relatively simple to create.

At the moment, the endgame gets boring fast. After the story and side quests, what’s next? Farming for better gear eventually gets tedious, and what do I do after getting the gear I want? I can’t even roleplay my character because why will a Vault Hunter go around randomly picking fights with bandits and monsters?


Same for me.
Though it seems many people do this over and over again for hours just checking what drops after beating a boss. I can’t understand this.