A suggestion for a pvp mode

I love the game, but I hate the way pvp works, and I have a suggestion that would fix it, at least for me.

For me, the game is about collecting gear, levelling up characters (by which I mean to 15 originally, now to 20), and in general playing around with the different builds and options (gear, unlocking helix options, using all three skills in variable ways).

In pvp, most games seem to require not using all epic gear and only getting to (maybe) level 5. Because of this, characters seem too “similar” to me within their overall type (obviously tanky characters won’t feel like healers, but beyond that point, they feel similar).

I played the dojo, and realized that was exactly what would fix pvp for me.

I’d like a mode where everyone started at level 5 and with, say 5,000 shards. That’d be enough to activate two legendaries, and get you most of the way to the third. It’d provide all three skills, but with room to grow levelwise. Most importantly, you’d have 5 points to build your character your way for the match, and potentially could make level 10, and the capstone abilities by the end.

The only potential problem I can see with this is people using characters they haven’t really played and being overwhelmed by choice from the start. If that’s a concern, a potential solution might be that you can only play this match with characters who have achieved a certain overall level (to demonstrate some minimum level of mastery).

Note that you could keep all of the current standard modes of pvp that exist; this could be just an addittional option for players to select.

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