A Suggestion For a Voluntary Community Testing Program

I would be interested in volunteering community testing program to help identify problems, bugs and help streamline fixes.
Word of Tanks has one and I was a part of the testing community for the entire time I played.
This would be a voluntary program only and giving constant constructive feedback would be needed in order to be a part of it.
This could be a great way for the community to identify problems and give feedback before content launches to everyone and give the dev team time to get out in front of issues before they become frustrating for everyone playing.
To give and example; If the current event if was given to a community testing program first, there could’ve been feedback given about being able to turn the event on or off after a certain time frame.
One of the issues that I’ve seen brought up and the dev team is now discussing for future events. The dev team could have been proactive instead of reactive on this.
Data on weapons and item performance can also be collected before the dreaded nerfs become public make it less frustrating for everyone playing.
I know it’s not for everyone. I personally wouldn’t mind volunteering to get a first crack at future content, especially if it could’ve helped improve future content for everyone and streamline fixes and bugs that can surface.
It’s just a suggestion maybe worth looking into to help improve the overall quality of content for everyone.
If anyone else would be interested in a program like this make a replay saying so. If there’s enough people willing to volunteer their time maybe it could be a worth while program to help the entire community.


That or just a test server. Lots of games have implemented test servers for pc at least. Back in the day I’d love to test and help out but I’m just too busy and would rather play the polished end result. To be honest though it’s no skin off their back to just let us customers test and find the exploits for them and hotfix issues later. Less work and micromanaging on their end unfortunately. I’d rather that not be the case but I don’t see that changing. :confused:


This should allow the players to decide the direction of their game, but would require patience and commitment from the community. Some people don’t seem as willing, but old fans seem to be mostly staying.


I don’t see it being in Gearbox’s interest to let a group of testers touch exclusive content such as limited-time events ahead of time. Stuff would almost certainly get leaked. And frankly, I also wouldn’t want this (the leaking) to happen. So that part of the suggestion, I’m against.

Now, proposing balancing changes to the devs is a different story. I think it’d be pretty cool and constructive if the testers were fair in their assessments and knowledgeable about the game. That’s a pretty big “if,” though. If the group of testers had very different ideas of how to balance the game, the overall feedback would turn into a confusing mess and probably hinder more than help.

Have them sign a non disclosure agreement. Problem solved.

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At that point, they’d have prepare proper contracts, having the participants sign with their real name. I don’t know how it’s done in World of Tanks’ community program, but my first thought upon reading the opening post here was something less… committed.

If Gearbox would be willing to hand-pick suitable players for this kind of program, then by all means, I wouldn’t have anything against it. I certainly wouldn’t participate myself, though.

The only game I’ve played that does something of the sort is Paladins, and if I’m honest, much of their committee seems to be more about relaying information from the devs of the game to the community without receiving much backlash for stupid decisions than anything.

If Borderlands 3 were to have a committee of people (or even just a regular old group of playtesters), it may be a good idea to give those people leniency rather than just making them part of the company. Although this might be a bad comparison since Gearbox is generally more transparent than Evil Mojo/Hi-Rez Studios.

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There’s a lengthy vetting proses and user agreements via email you have to go through to become a tester in WOT.
You also have to resign user agreements by email before you get a code for each test sample you receive.
Testing is done in small samples NO ONE gets to see everything in a whole picture so they can leak information about what’s happening plus there’s a user ID (or sample batch ID I’m not sure what it is you can’t ask anyone) stamped in the middle of the screen so clips and screenshots are almost impossible to post without you revealing who leaked.
You have a time window on testing and must complete a survey after each test and give optional feedback if you want to.
Testers aren’t allowed to to post anything about their gameplay between themselves or on the fourms. Plus there’s no direct communication back from anyone on surveys or feedback.
Breaching anything in the user agreement will get you permanently banned from testing, the fourms and the game.
I’ve never really seen leaks from the testing community in WOT.
Not saying it couldn’t happen but there’s not much to leak in testing samples, more information is leaked when people snoop through the game files.

Has Gearbox given any indication that they want the community’s feedback on how to balance the game? Reporting bugs, sure, they want that, but messing with actual gameplay, mechanics, etc., do they really want our opinion on that?

I think the data they currently collect from us (somehow…) is all they really want or need.

I get the impression they already have a plan are constantly adjusting the gameplay to reflect what they wanted all along. If they take player feedback into consideration, it’s only accepted as long as it furthers their vision.

And I don’t begrudge any developer for that. Gamers’ opinions are violently polarized. “Fun” for one gamer is akin to anal probing to another. They love or they hate, they’re snipers or brawlers, they want to be able to see their cosmetic Maliwan thong or they only want to see the shaft of their gun blasting all over Bandits.

And I forgot where I was going with that…

Sure they do. They wouldn’t waste money, time and resources on the fourms if they weren’t interested in collecting feedback data from them.
Data is a very valuable resource in today’s world and there’s a lot of effort and resources put into these fourms to receive it.

THEY ARE ALWAYS LISTENING… So make sure you shut down your device when you leave and put on your tinfoil hat so they can’t read your thoughts…